Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 14th 2018

Hey all!
This week was obviously way good cause of Mothers day! Love you Mom! 

The two baptisms we had fell through at the super last minute which was way sad. We were filling up the font in the chapel and when we went to go get the family an hour before the baptism they had a little family problem and were not able to go to the baptism which was way sad but we will remark with them today!
We have some other awesome investigators that are progressing. We are teaching one family that was baptized in another church recently but felt as if the person that baptized them was not authorized to baptize aka didn't have the priesthood and they are going to be baptized! We are helping them build their new house which has been fun!
People are starting to go crazy round here because of the world cup. Go Brazil! 
We played basketball this morning with some members and it was lots of fun. 
Sorry these days I don't have a whole lot to say but life here is good. Its getting colder so like 60s 70s which is actually a huge drop for here. 
Like a thousand years ago it snowed here in the city I'm in so who knows maybe I'll get lucky to see snow in Brazil!
love you all!! 

May 5th, 2018

So this week was another good week on the mish!
We are teaching some awesome families here and have been seeing a lot of progress in all of them which has been way cool. People here in Guarapuava are so different from Curitibanos.
We went on splits to another small city called Pitanga which is just tons of farmland and craziness but it was way fun. We found 37 new investigators yesterday and taught tons of lessons! It was a way fun day! 
Our p-day got last minute switched to today so thats why I am on right now!
Love you all! 
Just gettin lit with some of my favs! 

April 30th, 2018

Whats up!?
So this week was nuts! 
Lots of travelling! We got to Guarapuava last Monday night and we were able to work here a couple of days. Two other elders got here too so we had to divide our area in 2 because we now have 4 elders in the branch. Our area is a mix of extremely wealthy and extremely poor which is nuts. I have seen some of the nicest houses ever with Lamborghini´s in the garage and houses made of cardboard which has been quite the mix and quite a shock but it has been amazing so far. We started getting work done but on Friday we had the ZL meeting so Thursday morning we got the bus to Curitiba to get to there at night, slept in the office house and had our meeting in the morning. It was pretty fun as always but also weird cause the next time we have this meeting will be like two weeks before I get home!!! Craziness!!
Our meeting went a little late and sister Cuvelier ended up driving s to the bus station and we just BARELY made the bus and bought the last two seats which was a miracle but also kinda sucked cause we sat in the back which is always super hot and the only bus to Guarapuava at that time was the one that makes a way big circle so we ended up making a 5 hour trip into an 8 hour trip and got home at like 10 pm wooohooo
so Saturday was definitely one of the most incredible days on my mission! We started off the day finding 10 new investigators which were 2 really cool families and a guy whose wife had passed away recently. We had so many spiritual lessons and invited all them to be baptized. One of the families is marked for later may and we are way excited for them. At night we were walking home on cloud 9  when we heard a really loud cry coming from a dark street so we looked and saw this lady crying in the middle of the street and she told us her husband had been killed and we sat and talked to her and helped calm her down and it was really crazy how everything happened and was a miracle of how the Lord puts people in our paths!
Sunday was different going from the biggest ward in the mission to a branch haha but I'm loving the new area!
Love you all!


April 23rd, 2018

Well gang as always I bet you're just super anxious to get the update on my super exciting missionary life lol
Shout out to those that still read this email because I think the hardest thing I do every week is just try and figure out what I should put on here.
Well the big news of this week is I will be ending my mission in a little city way far away from Curitiba called Guarapuava.
My area is huge and im working in  a branch
So big changes going from the biggest ward in the mission with 8 missionaries to a tiny little branch and district!
But president has goals to make it a stake so thats my new personal goal before i head home!!
Life here is way good and it was way hard to say goodbye to my ward. Love araucária with my whole heart and soul and it forever changed my life #blessings 
i dont have a whole ton of time nor much to say because i spent the whole day on the bus today but li do have pictures!
i love you all! 

the man the myth and the legend Lacerda!

                                                   first selfie in my new area

the gang

mission tour
we bought some açaí and got famous so check us out on insta and face

Ward FHE

Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16th, 2018

What's up gang!
So this week was full of cool stuff!! 
We had our temple trip on Tuesday which was awesome! 
We then had a super special opportunity to have Elder Mark Basset from the 70 visit our mission!
We had a meeting with him and all the zone leaders on Wednesday where we learned lots about how to be more effective leaders and work with what we have.
On Friday we had a the conference with like the whole mish which was way fun to see the whole crew and even better cause we got lots of cool words of wisdom.
Something really interesting he taught about was how the only thing that is ours is our will and we are blessed specifically with how much we give our will to our Heavenly Father
It was a really spiritual experience!
Other than that this Sunday was actually pretty cold here which scared lots of people off from getting up early for church which was sad and we didn't really have much time to work in our area this week but we are still out here puttin in our best cause this is probably my last week in Araucária which is super sad but that's how life goes I guess!
love you all!!

I'm on google maps!

April 10th, 2018

Hey everyone! So sorry for not writing last week! I totally forgot but this weeks email will be better hahaha
SO the Assistants called us and told us we would be going to the temple on Tuesday which is why we are emailing today!
So we knew we were going to have to get up really early because our temple session was at 9 am and we live like 3 hours from the temple by bus and like 30 minutes by car just for you guys to have an idea of how long these freaking buses take to get anywhere. So us four elders decided it would be better to have a member call an uber for us cause it'd be a little more expensive but we could sleep like 2 more hours haha so we called a member the night before to confirm the price and they said it would be about R$30 which is like $8 and then in the morning we are all getting ready to go and the member calls us and was like Elder because there aren't any drivers here in Araucária the Uber is gonna end up being about R$80 and we didn't have the money in cash with us in the house to pay that so we were like freak. I told the member I would call her back and we hung up. We were like well freak lets say a prayer. We prayed and literally right as we said amen the member called and told us that one driver had logged in and offered to do it for R$30 which was the first #miracle
As the uber was getting there, Elder Eddington lost his wallet with his recommend so we said another prayer and as we said Amen he went and it was on his bed #miracles
We get to the temple and I had some real spiritual experiences and got some real answers to some questions I had for a long time. It was definitely one of the most spiritual experiences i have had in the temple and it was a lot of #miracles
then we get to the temple store and in the beginning of my mish I bought the book of Mormon triple combo in the mtc and was like well I don't even know Portuguese so I'll buy the bible to finish it off in the end of the mission. When I walked in to the store there was a sign that said the leather bound bibles that were usually $50 was now only $10! So I went to grab one and she was like actually we are all out! And I was sad and all and she was like but you can look in the back! So I went digging and found 2 leather bound bibles in the back! The only two left all hidden in a  ton of boxes! #miracle
Then I have been trying to get my hands on  a certain copy of Jesus the Christ in English but that's impossible to find here cause nobody speaks English but I decided to ask her and she was like no we only have in Portuguese and then like 5 minutes later she walks out of the back and was like you are not gonna believe what I found! Salt Lake randomly sent us a box with one english hymn book, one English book of Mormon and one English copy of JESUS THE CHRIST and i was like whattttttttttttttttttttt and then she was like the only problem is I don't know what the price is so after a long process talking to São Paulo she said I was gonna have to come back another day and I was like but we aren't allowed to we only come once every 6 months then out of nowhere she got a message from São Paulo telling her the price literally right as we were leaving! #miracles
As we were headed to the bus I realized I didn't have money to get the bus and was like frick. We walked to the bus station and I didn't know what to do and when I put my hand in my suit coat I found R$4.25 which is the EXACT bus price which was NUTS or as we like to call it #miracles.

Life here is literally the best
Tomorrow, Mark basset the area 70 is gonna be here and we have a meeting with him and all the zone leaders and on Friday we have a zone conference with him which  will be way lit and I am so excited!!!
I love the mission and I know the Lord is willing to bless all those that will keep his commandments and show faith in him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all!!

some of my favs
this owl just being a straight up savage 
the gang at the temple