Monday, October 16, 2017

October 9th, 2017

     Life here in Araucária has been a blast and a half!
To start off the week we planned an FHE at a recent converts house and we didn't expect many people. But in the end all of the youth pulled through and we had about 40ish people there which was way sick. The ward here rocks and the youth are the bomb. We work 100% with referrals from the youth which is the best and we take the youth with us to visit their friend every day so the time is flying by and I love Araucária 

     This month was jam-packed with inspiration and revelation cause my last week in Ala 5 was stake conference, last week was general conference and this week was stake conference here in Araucária which was awesome! Got to here some words from president. We had our zone conference which was a super 100% 
Our zone rocks and we had an awesome meeting 
Im living with my comp elder zanini, Elder S. Rocha and Elder Melo 
We are all working in the same ward cause our area is hugeee
We are teaching Paulo and Vitinho who are close to baptism so we are super excited for them and slowly but surely everything is falling into place here! I love the mish and I love this call! 
The gospel is true!!!!
love you all 
pics: The comp
Elder S. Rocha E' O Cara

October 2nd, 2017

     So this week was a big ol ten out of ten!
General conference was killer. Learned a lot as always and had a way good time with the whole crew. My new ward here is freaking sick and I am loving it. Pretty sure someone said that every area you go is better than the last and that's been way true in the mish haha love all of my areas and I know that God has perfectly put me in every place I need to be.
     So this week was pretty awesome, we had some great experiences.
The first was that here in the ward there is an awesome family of recent converts and they gave us a referral of this 12 year old kid named victor. He's like the funniest kid I've ever met and was bouncing of the walls the whole lesson but we finally got to talk to him seriously, and invited him to pray. The next day when we went back (well Elder Zanini and Elder S. Rocha went back cause we went on splits) he told us he prayed and that night had a dream and received his answer! He is going to be baptized here soon! 
      This Saturday we should also have the Paulo´s baptism. He´s another awesome investigator that's had a lot of questions. We marked a follow-up interview to show him that he is ready but he said he wouldn't be baptized until his mom got baptized. His mom got baptized last Saturday so if all goes well his baptism will be this Saturday! 
     Joni l. Koch that gave an awesome talk about not judging others yesterday is from Ala 5! It was way weird seeing him here in the ward and giving a talk in general conference a couple days later!! He's an awesome guy! I loved all the talks but something that really hit home for me was, A religion that doesn´t require sacrifice will never help you develop the faith necessary to return to the presence of Heavenly Father.
I know this is the church of Jesus Christ and I know that it is being guided by a prophet called of God; Thomas S. Monson.
I love this work! 
Love you all!
Some pics with some of the awesome families in Ala 5!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 25th, 2017


So last night we got the aniticipated transfer call....andddddd

I got transferred! !!!!!!!!!  I was way sad to have to leave Ala 5. That ward changed my life and I met a ton of people there that I for sure will never forget! But my new area is Araucária. It's a little outside of Curitiba so I am officially not in Curitiba for the first time in the mish hahaha
Our area is huge and a little bit rainforesty type of area. There is some pretty crazy wildlife here so thats pretty neat.
Last night with Elder Graças: 
me: Dude I'm pretty positive that I'm not gonna get transferred but if I were to be transferred I wanna go to Araucária
So looks like it was revelation! I"m way excited to be here!!!
Life here is way good!

 We have some awesome investigators it looks like so Im pretty excited about that!
This week we found a new investigator that is way sick! His name is Roberto and he has a huge family, on Saturday we had a FHE with the whole family and I made tacos and guacamole for 14 people all by myself so I bet mom's pretty proud of me! Nobody had ever heard of tacos in the fam and they all loved it so it was way fun but the best part was when  of them when to church the next day and loved it! Church was full of investigators this Sunday!!! Way excited  for the work here in Araucária! I love this work!
Love you all! 

September 18th, 2017

Hey all! 
I'm not even sure what day it is anymore cause this week was crazy and flew by!

First off, it's still way hot here and we are slowly melting away but Curitiba is also super crazy and today it got way cold again and everybody always gets sick.
We had our leadership meeting on Wednesday which was super killer. President talked to us about how we can be better leaders obvi but showed us some videos and everyone got way pumped. it was super sweet.

On Thursday we went on splits, I went to another area called Gralha Azul with Elder Ashworth from Utah. He's a way funny guy and we had an awesome day especially when our lunch appointment fell through so we made tacos at home which is always the bomb.

We had some pretty awesome lessons and we marked some baptismal dates.
On Friday we had a somewhat normal work day in our area. but at night we had some baptismal interviews to do for the assistants

On Saturday we had our stake conference which was way great cause President was there and really inspired the whole crew.

Also on Sunday the stake choir sang and woweee I don't think I've ever seen a better stake choir, their last song was the battle hymn of the republic and they freaking killed it and all of our investigators were in tears and it was way spiritual so yeah go stake choir!

This week some of our fav investigators Romario and Jacqueline and their two kids are progressing a ton. They finally were able to stop smoking and are now completely prepared for baptism we are just waiting some of the documents they need for the wedding! We are so excited for them and they have been super stoked about baptism!!!

Yesterday we were like freak we need to find some new people to teach so we picked up a list of less actives and randomly picked a name. We knocked on the door and this little old lady answered and said that the guy we were looking for moved but invited us in. She's 90 years old but I've literally never seen someone so healthy! She doesn't use glasses or have any type of medication and she exercises every day shes the bomb! She also understood the Book of Mormon and accepted our baptismal challenge so we are stoked to see how it goes with her!
love you all!
 Elder Brasesco my crazy lil chubs

District 32A back at it 

September 11th, 2017

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a terrific week! 
I can´t believe its already September! Time is flying and these next couple weeks are super loaded with fun things so its gonna fly by! 

So this week was pretty awesome! First off, on Wednesday we we invited to march in the independence day parade. We had to wake up at 4 and gather everyone from the zone together to get a bus because the buses only pass like every hour on holidays and we had to be downtown at 7:30 to start so we made it there on time but turns out that it didn't actually start until like 9 am

We weren't allowed to take pictures because we were marching but the church had people there taking pics for us. I only have one but I'm pretty sure we will get more.

This week was pretty tough on the missionary side of things because it was a week full of holidays here so basically everybody was traveling and it's almost the end of the school year as well so everybody is starting summer break. Its been way hard to find people to teach because literally nobody stays home and is always busy on the weekends but we are still stoked to share the good news of the gospel.

But speaking of summer, its way freaking hot here again and the missionary tan lines are going strong!
The other day it got up to like 104 degrees so that was way fun!

This Saturday and Sunday we have our stake conference so everybody has been doing lots of preparations. We are excited and here in a couple weeks it's already gonna be general conference! That's crazy!

 This week is gonna be super packed cause we have a wicked awesome FHE planned for tonight, Tomorrow we have district meeting, on Wednesday we have our Zone leader meeting, Thursday we have planned to go on splits with one of the district leaders in our zone, Friday we have some baptismal interviews to do and on Saturday and Sunday we have stake conference and priesthood sessions! 
Love you all! The gospel rocks!!
leadership meeting with the LZ´s and STL´s

Parade (ft. my head in the back)

pic from our zone conference with the zone -6 missionaries that had to leave earlier 

September 4th, 2017

Hey everyone!
This week was way great!
First off we had some baptisms here which is always the best! 
João got baptized this week and it was way cool to see his whole conversion process. He truly is converted and loves the book of Mormon!

So on Thursday this week is independence day here and our zone got invited to march in downtown Curitiba so that's gonna be way fun!

We are teaching a a small family, Romario and Jacquilene and they are staring to progress a ton and have already been to church a couple times so we are just trying to marry them and they are excited for baptism!

We had some awesome Family home Evenings this week and are working hard to find new people to teach now because our teaching group is pretty small now but we are excited to work with the members here! I can't believe it's almost transfer time again! 
Love you all and I love this gospel!!!!!


the distrtict

Tryin to catch a jump pic


August 28th, 2017

Austin Spencer Reid

AttachmentsAug 28

So this week was super super not winter and winter hasn't even started and its already over. Lately its been in the 90s and 100s and we are just sweating lots and workin hard haha.

So this week we had our zone conference that went way well. 
They took some pics for us but we didn´t get them yet.
Yesterday we had some meetings with President Cuvelier and our stake president to set goals for our stake and prepare for stake conference on September 16th.

September 7th is independence day here and our zone was invited to march downtown with other groups from the city and we are gonna hand out flags and its gonna be way fun! 

So the family of 8 that we found last week is progressing a ton! Most of them went to church with us this week and loved it! We are gonna mark a baptismal date with them hopefully this week! 

This week we should also have Joãos baptism  which we are way excited for! he rocks and is super excited! 
Time is flying by I can't believe its already the third week of the transfer!
So we are teaching this lady who has a son named Alex that's the funniest guy I've ever met. the other day in the middle of our lesson he ran in wanting to show us his Santa and Elder Graças snagged a pic of him 
Then he wanted to take a picture with everybody together and his Santa after the lesson (don't mind our sweaty faces)