Monday, November 13, 2017

November 13th, 2017

So this week was like the best week ever !
First off this transfer was nuts! Elder Zanini and Elder Melo got transferred.  My new comp is Elder Garlick from         Bountiful Utah and Elder S. Rochas new comp is Elder Eddington from California so now I'm living with 2                Americans which is way fun.                                                                                                                                          
President also sent another companionship to our ward so our ward now has 6 elders which is awesome! Elder Lara from Spain and Elder Cavaco from Portugal! Of the 6 there is only one Brazilian which is super rare!

This week we had our ward FHE and this time it was our turn to organize it. We did an iron rod activity by turning off all the lights and in all the classrooms we put a bunch of music, games and people to take the blindfolded people off the iron rod and in the end we had a huge feast that people brought and it was a huge 100%
The youth here loved it and we are already planning other activities. The parents of the youth asked us to do more activities for their kids and friends so things are going really well now. 
We are working a ton with the members now as well, we rarely have lessons that aren't with a member so that's been way fun.
Yesterday was our ward primary program which was also way fun as always.
Highlight of the week: I found dr pepper

The work here is crazy good and we are loving every second of it. The time I flying by, can't believe it's already gonna be Christmas!! 
love you all! 
some post-fhe pics

November 6th, 2017

Hey all so this week is gonna be a quick one because it was a transfer day and we got home way late but Elder Zanini got transferred and my new companion is Elder Garlick who is from Utah! Super cool guy and I'm way stoked to work with him!! 
It does NOT stop raining here which is way awesome! haha
Here are some pics from the recent FHE´s we have had! I love this ward!!
love you all

Monday, October 30, 2017

October 30th, 2017

Hey all! 
This week was another super rainy week. This time of year is known ofr being a super rainy season and all my shoes are soaked wooo 
This week was a pretty chill week. We had some meetings and such which is always fun. 
We had the zone leader meeting that comes once a transfer which is always fun to see the crew.
Our ward baptized this week. Her name is Gabrielle and she is a members girlfriend and here soon her mom and sister will be baptized if all goes well! 
Our area is huge and there are other cities that are way far away that are technically part of our area but we don't work there because President wants us to focus on the parts that are growing
butttttt recently we have been getting a ton of referrals for this city nearby called Contenda. It's a way small city basically in the middle of nowhere so this week President told us we could go check it out and see if it's a city that has potential to one day open a branch . It was quite the adventure. We got on the bus that heads to Contenda and told the bus driver to stop and let us off when we got near the center. After a while of riding in the middle of the jungle he stopped and was like here is your stop so we got off and were on the highway in the complete middle of nowhere but it just so happens that in this city there is one family of members and we found them and they helped us around so it all went well in the end!
We have some awesome ward missionary activities planned so we are stoked! The gospel is good!!!
Love you all!!! 


 service project!
After Gabbys baptism!!

October 23rd, 2017

     Hey all whats up!
     This was another killer week here in Araucária.
Actually I didn't really get to work much in my area this week because we had a ton of splits planned so that was fun. On Tuesday I went on splits with Elder Cappi.
 He's a good guy from São Paulo and we had an awesome day together. Usually splits are known as being the day that every appointment falls through but that day we found 5 new investigators and marked some baptismal dates so it was  pretty awesome day!!
On Thursday we had split and it rained allllll dayyyy long so my shoes are all soaked because this rainy season is killin us. We got home at night after the splits and they cut our electricity so that was sick hahah we all sat in the dark and were way hungry so we decided only a pizza could cheer up that situation hahaha 
I woke up in the middle of the night to Elder Segalla, the elder I went on splits with, throwing up literally every last bite of that  pizza so that was fun haha turns out that his comp that stayed with my companion Elder Zanini also got way sick so we were like freak how are we gonna do this?
In some sketchy bus situations we ended up back in our areas and headed to a service project where we helped a family paint their house!
Saturday I did lots of baptismal interviews but the family ended up with some health problems and couldn't make it to the baptism this Saturday so the three will be baptized next Saturday! We are way stoked for them!
This week we have lots to do and have out zone leader meeting! Excited to see the crew! love this work and I love Araucária!!!
love you all!

Monday, October 16, 2017

October 9th, 2017

     Life here in Araucária has been a blast and a half!
To start off the week we planned an FHE at a recent converts house and we didn't expect many people. But in the end all of the youth pulled through and we had about 40ish people there which was way sick. The ward here rocks and the youth are the bomb. We work 100% with referrals from the youth which is the best and we take the youth with us to visit their friend every day so the time is flying by and I love Araucária 

     This month was jam-packed with inspiration and revelation cause my last week in Ala 5 was stake conference, last week was general conference and this week was stake conference here in Araucária which was awesome! Got to here some words from president. We had our zone conference which was a super 100% 
Our zone rocks and we had an awesome meeting 
Im living with my comp elder zanini, Elder S. Rocha and Elder Melo 
We are all working in the same ward cause our area is hugeee
We are teaching Paulo and Vitinho who are close to baptism so we are super excited for them and slowly but surely everything is falling into place here! I love the mish and I love this call! 
The gospel is true!!!!
love you all 
pics: The comp
Elder S. Rocha E' O Cara

October 2nd, 2017

     So this week was a big ol ten out of ten!
General conference was killer. Learned a lot as always and had a way good time with the whole crew. My new ward here is freaking sick and I am loving it. Pretty sure someone said that every area you go is better than the last and that's been way true in the mish haha love all of my areas and I know that God has perfectly put me in every place I need to be.
     So this week was pretty awesome, we had some great experiences.
The first was that here in the ward there is an awesome family of recent converts and they gave us a referral of this 12 year old kid named victor. He's like the funniest kid I've ever met and was bouncing of the walls the whole lesson but we finally got to talk to him seriously, and invited him to pray. The next day when we went back (well Elder Zanini and Elder S. Rocha went back cause we went on splits) he told us he prayed and that night had a dream and received his answer! He is going to be baptized here soon! 
      This Saturday we should also have the Paulo´s baptism. He´s another awesome investigator that's had a lot of questions. We marked a follow-up interview to show him that he is ready but he said he wouldn't be baptized until his mom got baptized. His mom got baptized last Saturday so if all goes well his baptism will be this Saturday! 
     Joni l. Koch that gave an awesome talk about not judging others yesterday is from Ala 5! It was way weird seeing him here in the ward and giving a talk in general conference a couple days later!! He's an awesome guy! I loved all the talks but something that really hit home for me was, A religion that doesn´t require sacrifice will never help you develop the faith necessary to return to the presence of Heavenly Father.
I know this is the church of Jesus Christ and I know that it is being guided by a prophet called of God; Thomas S. Monson.
I love this work! 
Love you all!
Some pics with some of the awesome families in Ala 5!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 25th, 2017


So last night we got the aniticipated transfer call....andddddd

I got transferred! !!!!!!!!!  I was way sad to have to leave Ala 5. That ward changed my life and I met a ton of people there that I for sure will never forget! But my new area is Araucária. It's a little outside of Curitiba so I am officially not in Curitiba for the first time in the mish hahaha
Our area is huge and a little bit rainforesty type of area. There is some pretty crazy wildlife here so thats pretty neat.
Last night with Elder Graças: 
me: Dude I'm pretty positive that I'm not gonna get transferred but if I were to be transferred I wanna go to Araucária
So looks like it was revelation! I"m way excited to be here!!!
Life here is way good!

 We have some awesome investigators it looks like so Im pretty excited about that!
This week we found a new investigator that is way sick! His name is Roberto and he has a huge family, on Saturday we had a FHE with the whole family and I made tacos and guacamole for 14 people all by myself so I bet mom's pretty proud of me! Nobody had ever heard of tacos in the fam and they all loved it so it was way fun but the best part was when  of them when to church the next day and loved it! Church was full of investigators this Sunday!!! Way excited  for the work here in Araucária! I love this work!
Love you all!