Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 5th, 2018

Hey everyone! So this week was great!
SO we have two baptisms marked for this Saturday that are both referrals from the stake presidents family! 
Cris and André. André is the guy we play basketball with. He has his answer he just needs to recognize it and make the decision but this week he said he's gonna make his decision! 
Cris is firme! She is way awesome and has made lots of changes in her life! 
Yesterday we didn't have a whole lot of people in church because there has been some insane flooding going on here recently! 
A lot of houses are getting damaged and it's been pretty nuts! 
Miracle alert: so here in Brazil it's a law that all 18 year old boys have to enlist for a year of army but not all are called to serve. André just turned 18 and enlisted but we thought he wasn't gonna get called. He calls us and tells us that they called him to serve so he wasn't gonna be able to be baptized because he has to live in the army quarters for a couple months. We asked if there was any way he could get out but you get sent to jail if you don't serve. So we started praying a lot and fasting tons for something to happen for him to not get in and in the end after already having been in the army for 3 days they sent him out and said they wouldn't be needing him for no reason at all! 
I know the Lord hears our prayers and he blesses us after the trial of our faith!
The good part was that for his "farewell party" we ate lots of pizza

pics! flooding
ballin out in curitiba

February 26, 2018

Yooo what's up everyone! 
So this week was super fun as always! Lots of fun memories made but the best part was definitely that Joel was finally baptized!!! 
It's so cool being a missionary because we can see the first moments of someone getting to know the church. We met Joel one day when Garlick and I were headed to the church. These two kids were biking down the hill and we stopped them to talk to us and 5 weeks later he was baptized! Way cool to see their conversion! 
We also went to the Temple this week with Andre to try and help him to make a decision about baptism! He has his answer but he is having trouble believing that it was his answer! 
We got to go on the day that our ward has assigned to the temple so we saw lots of them there too and had a superrrr spiritual lesson! 
We have been playing tons of basketball  recently!!! 
Life here has been way good! I have lots of pictures so hopefully that's more interesting because I have not much else to say tbh
Love you all!! 
Joels Baptism
more pics to come!! 

February 19th, 2018

Wha'ts up crew! 
Life here is still way freaking good cause I'm still in Araucária and there is no such thing as a bad day in Araucária 
life here has been way fun recently and we have had lots of baptisms which is always a blessing. 
We have 4 more baptisms lined up for this week and they are all way sick people! 
This last week carnival ended and everybody came back from their travels so things are back to normal. This week we are gonna be taking people to the Temple to see it for the first time so that will be fun! 
This last week we had 3 baptisms here in araucária and they are all super excited about the church and are firmes e fortes! 
To be honest I don't have a whole ton to say but I have some pics so hopefully that's better wooo 

love you all! 

February 5th, 2018

So first off big shoutout to the eagles for beating the patriots this weekend

But the real big news is this week we had two baptisms!! Kauã and Raphael!!
 It was way cool to see them baptized finally and we are way excited for them! 
So the first week of the transfer was pretty productive with the baptisms and finding people! 
Right after our baptism, one of our investigators that I taught 6 months ago called and asked what time church was and showed up saying he wants to be taught again!!! 
We are seeing lots of miracles here in our ward and I am just trying to make the most of it cause i know the day will eventually come when i will have to leave this ward which stinksssss but whatcha gonna do 
Elder Eddington from our ward had a baptism this week too so we are just killin it out here in Araucária 
We have been teaching some english classes recently!
we have an FHE tonight and we have zone conferences this weekend! 

Love you all!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January 29th, 2018

I bet you are all just dying to know what happened!
So after a week of fervent prayer, we got the tranfers call last night...

I could literally not be happier 
I love this ward so much and I'm stoked to stay 
So this week was a little but harder because a lot of our baptisms fell through and got remarked for these next weeks
We had some family nights this week which was fun
The ward requested my mac and cheese again so you can call me master-chef if you want
We had an awesome family night with the stake presidents family and had some awesome investigators which was way fun
Nothing too exciting happened this week but i got lots of pictures so hopefully that makes up for it! 
love you all!! 

January 22nd, 2018

Whats upppp everybody!
Shout out to all of you that are still reading these emails! 
This week was wicked lit and I still freaking love Araucária! 
So we started the week off strong with an FHE with the ward on Monday night. They all asked me to make mac and cheese cause it doesn't exist here. The only problem is cheese doesn't really exist here either and the only thing they have is like that easy cheese squirt stuff sooo basically Elder Reid went all master-chef and made like 10 pounds of mac for a huge crowd and it was way good. Everybody loved and so we are gonna do it again tonight! 

On Tuesday we had splits with the Assistants which was fun. Both of the Assistants have served here in Araucária as well so we had a good time visiting some awesome people here. It's definitely the best ward here in the mish.

We watched the worldwide devotional. I know Russel M Nelson is our prophet seer and revelator!
It's been about a month straight that it's been raining so that's lit. The worst part is it's rainy and hot and sunny so we just get soaked and heat stroke like every day.

We have an awesome investigator named André who is like the coolest guy ever. A member invited him to a ward activity and he loves basketball so we play with him every morning and lots on P-day. His baptism is gonna be this week and he said he is still waiting on his answer from God but this week our mission prez came and we had a devotional about the missionary work and out of nowhere Andre shows up all dressed up for the meeting and in the middle of the devotional our president called him out of the crowd and bore his testimony and after Andre said in that moment his vision like closed out and the only thing he could see or hear was our president and that he got his answer! 

We had a couple other FHE´s this week which was lots of fun and lots of food. I'm loving the life like always here in Araucária. 
Transfers are this week but I'm really hoping I will stay another transfer here in Araucária at least with Elder Garlick! I love you all!! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

January 15th, 2018

     Sooooooo this week was super lit as always because it's pretty impossible to have a bad week in Araucária! 
So this week was played a lot of basketball on P-day and we are getting in shape playing with some of our investigators every morning bright and early. 
We are getting pretty well known here in Araucária among the balling crew.

     On Tuesday we had district meeting and later that day we went to do visits with two youth that are preparing for the mish so they wanted to learn how to knock doors and such so that was pretty lit. After the first couple the two of them left and started knocking doors by themselves which was way courageous because I definitely wouldn't have had the courage!

     On Wednesday we went on splits and it rained all day which was way lit cause blessings woooo 
We taught some good people and had a good time.

     We had an FHE with the stake president and his family and that was a lot of fun. 
On Saturday we were walking around and all of our appointments fell through so we were a little bit lost knocking doors when all of the sudden we get a call from a way weird number so we answer and it's two sisters from the temple square mission that were passing a referral. Shout-out to our little old phone because I didn't even think it could get international calls. 

     Anyway, we decided to contact this lady because they said she requested a Book of Mormon and they had been teaching her through skype. 
So we start walking and get to the street where her house is. Garlick was like so what number is it and I was like 4000 something where are we at and Garlick was like that's lit because we are at number 50. So after walking quite a while we were just walking through this field and it starts pouring rain while it's sunny out. Garlick is the guy that gets burned easily so Shout-out to Elder Garlick for getting rained on and sunburned at the same time. There is nowhere to hide from the rain so we just kept walking till we finally got to this little fruit stand and chatted it up with this old guy for a little. 
     The rain stopped so we left and this little gang of dogs starts to run after us but don't worry we got out alive. We finally made it to the house. We knock and this girls dad walks out and tells us to never come back and slams the door. Quite the adventure that didn't play out how we thought it would but the grape juice at the fruit stand was good so it was all worth it. 

Life here is lit!!! love you all!!!