Friday, August 26, 2016

Life is Rich part 1

     What's up!? Week three is coming to a close here in Brazil. Life is crazy but right now in the MTC we don't have a whole ton of interesting things going on. I have no idea what's going on with the Olympics but I assume Brazil won soccer last Saturday because that night the entire city of São Paulo just went nuts! We were looking out our window and every car was honking, massive fireworks were just going off in the middle of the streets, people running around screaming! it was crazy! These people love soccer!

      Alright so a couple experiences this week: Everyday we have member investigators that we teach lessons to for practice and we also do this thing called TRC where locals come in and we just practice talking to them. We were talking to one and it was tough and a little awkward because I am definitely not fluent yet and communicating is tough, so I asked the lady if she had any advice on life for us, or at least I thought I did. Turns out the word for advice is pretty similar to the word spoon in Portuguese so I actually asked her if she had any spoons for us. Needless to say she was super confused. Other than that the Portuguese is great! It is crazy how fast you pick it up when surrounded by natives and you speak it all day. We can do all the basic lessons in portuguese pretty easily and can understand all of what most people say, besides those that speak super fast.

      Yesterday we had the general president of the church in Brazil come talk to us and that was super cool. He is pretty new so our portuguese is about the same level. He said something that I really liked: Gods opportunity is mans extremity. Work hard. It is the last door you knock on or talking to one more person. That is when the miracles happen!

      The crazy food of the week was pizza! Woo! You would think that pizza would excite a bunch of Americans. Brazillian pizza is a tad different. The two options were a mixed meat pizza with who knows what kind of meat and a ton of cinnamon fruit pizza! The food is super good here! Always some sort of meat, rolls, rice, and beans! I definitely already miss american snacks a lot! We found some mentos and frosted flakes and that was definitely a highlight this week! Always fun to try the different food and every day is an adventure even in the MTC.

      Today we went to the São Paulo Temple and it was super cool! It is really small but really pretty. Starting week 4 so not too long until I am out of here and in the field! I can't wait! You all rock! Life is rich! Talk to you next week! 

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