Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 10th,2017

     Hey all! 

     So this week was quite the adventure. We are slowly but surely getting our feet on the ground here in Ala 5.
The work here is a lot different than my area. We are in a pretty wealthy and industrial area so knocking doors is basically asking for a miracle but luckily the members here are the and are helping us out a ton. I think I got more referrals this week than my whole mission together 

     This week was a lot of walking and trying to get to know the area. Our area is pretty big.
We were walking with our investigator and this dog comes running up behind her and ripped her purse out of her hand and just booked it up the street and we were all dying laughing cause it was completely out of nowhere but other than that nothing too funny or exciting went on this week but I'm sure the weeks to come will have more stories!

     Also big ol shoutout to all the peeps at the Hill Cumorah Pageant! Everybody go watch it cause the Book of Mormon rocks, the people rock, and the salt potatoes are out of this world! 

love you all
pics: meeting with the crew

our bishop bought us pizza on the first day here. woo go bishop

Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 3rd, 2017

HEY so this week was nuts and definitely quite the trial in the mish ,but we are all good now.

 I got transferred to Boqueirão in a new ward called Ala 5 with my new comp Elder Graças. We are opening the area here which will be quite the task but the ward is excited so I'm sure it'll be great!

 I'm serving as zone leader and district leader here now which is lots to do but out zone here is way tiny so it will be fun.

 Also the biggest news is that Elder Araujo my filho is here in the zone in the area next to me which I am way excited about! This last week we had Luzia and her families baptisms but I don't have any pics with me right  to send! 

This week we also had the meeting with all of the zone leaders so I got to see Elder Nydegger and Herlin again,the mtc trio was reunited

 Life is going great here in the new area.  I have no idea where I am right now but that's just all part of the adventure! 

We had transfers today so I have like no time to email but next week it'll be better!

June 26th, 2017

Well first things first CONGRATS to my big sis who got married this week! u rock Fras!
So this week was way nuts but way good! 

We had Alex´s baptism which went way well and we are excited for him but our weekend was super crazy. 
So we had some baptismal interviews to do in Mafra which is a branch in our zone that's way far away. It's in another state; Santa Catarina which is always interesting. 
We had to get up way early on Friday to get the bus to the center of Curitiba where there is the big bus station of all of the special buses. We bought our bus pass to Mafra. It's about 4 hours of bus ride from our area to Mafra but we made it all in one piece except Elder R. Santos almost threw up but all is well now. 

Our little mission phone only calls people inside the state so we got there a little lost and tried to call the assistants but I accidentally called this guy who was a little mad cause his name was not Elder J. Santos. We eventually made our way to the missionaries house and headed right to the chapel for the interviews. 

After, because the bus ride is so long we decided to stay there and go on splits with the elders there. The area is way nice and huge. its a super pretty city. We had a great day but got home way hungry so we called for a pizza that we are still waiting on. that's sick. 
We then had to get up on Saturday at 4 am to get the bus back to Curitiba because we had a service project that our recent convert planned like a month ago and we had some other appointments as well so we got back at like 9 am and headed straight to the service project. We helped him put some solar panels on his house which was fun and quite interesting but all went well there. 

After we had 15 minutes to make it to our lunch appointment that was at least 30 minutes away so we made some cuts through the woods to see if it would be any faster and it was going all well until we made it to this little river. There wasn't any way to turn back so we tried to make this little bridge but in the end 
I ended up soaking my shoes but it's all part of the adventure right?
We ended up making it to lunch 2 minutes early so yeah it was totally worth it. we killed it. 

 This is the last week of the transfer so I guess we will see next Monday where I'll be or if I'll stay here in j
Jardim do sol! 

This week our ward has 8 baptisms, a big family that's super excited so we are very excited for them!!
Love you all!
The computer isn't letting me send pics but I'll try a little later

June 19th, 2017

Hey all hope you all had a great week!                    Renewing the visas with the crew 

This week was pretty crazy and this next week is going to be even crazier!
So the week started off traveling cause we were visiting other districts to see how the zone is doing. We gave some training and had a good time. We had planned to go on splits with these missionaries that live pretty far away so we woke up way early to head out and when we got there they were both throwing up and super sick so we basically just turned around and headed back home super tired which kinda sucked. This week everybody got sick in the zone. We all got these flu shots and I think there was something a little fishy going on there because everybody got sick on the same day so one Wednesday Elder R. Santos and I stayed home basically all day with a fever 103 which was just awesome. To top it all off, our shower broke cause here they use these electric heaters to heat the water and sometimes the water shocks your head if you're lucky but it almost caught fire this week so we were without a shower for a little but we got it all back up and running quick.

We went on splits two times this week, on the second split on Thursday I was still dying but we already planned out the split so I went and maybe that wasn't the best idea but hey blessings. 

This week was also a first cause on Saturday night we left our last appointment and we were headed home on this road that's a little sketchy and we were like 2 minutes from our house when all of the sudden this guy on a bike rides in front of us, drops his bike and starts screaming at us to give him everything we have, he was really short and small but he had a knife and was pretty riled up so we were like we don't have anything of value just pass-along cards and a message that will change your life forever but he didn't really go for it so he snagged our old mission cell phone and then he asked me for my watch, but I said no and he ran away. We thought the situation was way funny cause he rode up on a bike that didn't have brakes and had to stop himself skidding in his flip flops. All is well and nobody was hurt. Happens to everyone here I just happened to go a year without anybody breaking my streak! 

This week we are headed to Santa Catarina again for some baptismal interviews and on Saturday we have Alexs baptism!!!
Also huge shout-out to my big sis Fras who is gonna get married this week!
Kill it sis! 


District pics

June 12th, 2017

SO This week was another super great week here! We are seeing miracles each and every day and we are just killin it here in Jardim do Sol.

On Tuesday we had splits with the assistants and it was basically the end of the world. We started the split and like 20 minutes after the biggest thunder storm I have ever seen started we were walking on this road in the middle of nowhere headed to our next appointment and we were just 200% drenched which was way awesome. Thunder and lightening was striking all around us and then all of our appointments were falling through. But in the end we learned a lot and had a good time and now Elder Fuzaro is sick but happens to the best of us!

Funny story of the week: So we were knocking doors and there was this one old guy working on his car and we were like hmm should we talk to him I feel like he is just gonna get mad but we decided to just go for it. He got up way quick and runs inside his house saying he ha something for us. So we are just there like what it is happening. He comes back with this Tupperware of these fried cinnamon things, give it to us and goes back to work on his car and we were all confused thinking he just gave us food to shut us up so after we asked if we could share a message and he said no so we asked if we could just say a prayer with him and he was all for it so we talked a little, his name is Dyto, and he just started ranting about how he thinks all churches are just in it for the money and we said a prayer, talked a little about prophets and left. He told us to come back the next day.  
On the next day he said he wants to be baptized and wants to go to church so on Sunday morning Dyto picked us up in his big ol Volkswagen van and we headed to church together preparing for his baptism on July 1st!
We also had a ward party this week cause fall is starting here so we ate lots of traditional foods and such,twas a hoot .
Yesterday there was a huge stake activity with the 70 presidency here about missionary work with all of the youth. It was way great and three youth opened their calls. I love this work and I wouldn't trade this time for anything! 
The gospel is true and families can be forever!

Pics: Half of the zone at the activity yesterdayDisplaying facebook live.jpg
All of the youth

June 5th, 2017

Hey everyoneeee this week was way crazy! 

So to start off, last p-day right after we got off email we were headed to our favorite supermarket when all of the sudden this car was pushed off the road by a big swat truck. Then like 15 officers sprinted out of this truck with huge military guns and threw these 4 guys on the ground and started screaming at them. Elder R. Santos and I were passing by way confused and this is all happening in the middle of the only big road that exists so there were hundred of people there watching. 

On Tuesday we had to travel for some baptismal interviews which was pretty crazy cause we had to be back in our area quick for some appointments. 

On Wednesday was zone conference and we were in charge of everything so it was a lot of preparations but it went over well. We talked about planning and goal setting and took some pics, had some birthday celebrations and had lots of fun!!!

This week we found an awesome new family that is way prepared for the gospel and we are super excited to see how that goes! 

This next week is gonna be a little hectic as well because we have a couple splits planned and we are also gonna be on splits with the assistants which is always a good time! 

This week was also a little slow because of some huge soccer games this week and the entire country stops for these games so its pretty impossible to find anyone during these times!

This Saturday we are gonna have a ward activity that they have every June. Here in Parana there is a nut sort of thing called Pinhão that everybody eats during this time of year. It only grows here in Parana so we are eating tons of that! 

Just living it up! love you all 

birthday festivities 

pics: the best zone everDisplaying DSCN7087.JPG


Elder J Santos and e
Elder Reid part 3 ft Elder Fuzaro 
Displaying DSCN7091.JPG

Saturday, June 3, 2017

May 29th, 2017

     HEY so once again, another killer week here in Jardim do Sol. Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes! It was a great day and week! The ward had a cake activity and I don't think I have ever eaten so much cake in my life. We got 14 cakes on Friday so that was pretty sick, but so was I (pretty sick) after all of that! 

    So this was a way killer week. So on Tuesday literally each and every one of our appointments fell through so that was way sick. We decided to knock doors on this big street that we haven't ever knocked before cause all the houses are huge there and usually everybody is working and usually don't want anything to do with us but we decided to knock there anyways. Oh and also it was like 8 pm and usually nobody ever accepts us so basically all of the odds were against us but we had lots of faith so we went for it.
     We have literally never taught so many lessons since Elder R. Santos got here. We got in every door we knocked and found 3 incredible new families! Even better is they all have cars so finding a ride for them to go to church won't be a problem cause they live a little far away from the church. One family we taught (parents and two kids) were way excited and the son said in the closing prayer "Thank you for bringing these two guys that showed us the true church" and said he wants to be baptized as soon as possible! His name is João Pedro and he rocks!

     Anyways this week was full of lots of new investigators and lots of cake which makes for an A+ of a week! 
Hope you are all having an awesome Memorial day weekend 

Avocado everything  


Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

     HEY so this week was transfers! Can't believe anther transfer has already passed by! SO this transfer I am staying here in Jardim do Sol with Elder R. Santos which is what I was really hoping because we have some awesome investigators with baptismal dates and I didn't wanna miss out on them! 

     This week was actually crazy filled with some pretty funny stories.
So on Tuesday we were eating lunch in our favorite restaurant here and all of the sudden this guy just sprints out of the restaurant screaming. We looked out the window (and what did I see!) I wish it was popcorn popping but it was these two guys robbing these boxes from  a big truck and throwing them in their car. The owner of the truck tried to stop them but the road was super packed and busy and the guys hopped in the car and drove away almost causing a huge accident. It was nuts and we felt way bad. After lunch we went out and passed by the truck to see what it was they robbed and it was a chocolate delivery truck... They robbed like 6 boxes of oreos and Hershey bars hahaha we thought that was way funny cause I don't know who would go to all that effort and risk to rob like 20 packages of oreos but I've come to see that you just see everything here so yeah just another day in the life!

     On Friday we were walking in the street and this guy starts running after us stumbling all over the place cause he was way drunk and he grabs Elder R. Santos, looks at him and screams "Just so you know, I AM A PROPHET and I have something to prophesy to you; The girl you love, doesn´t love you but loves your best friend" I was dying laughing and everybody in the street was laughing way hard too and Elder R. Santos was way confused. After a little while of him repeating this over and over we finally escaped and I continued to laugh all day.

     This week was way good. We started knocking doors in a new area that nobody has ever been and we are finding tons of new investigators which has been awesome! 
Life here is rocking! Super excited for this week especially cause my birthday is on Friday and the ward here is making cakes cause they all rock!

     Love you all! 
Pic: Elder Nascimentos birthday fest (cause his birthday was on Saturday

May 15, 2017

     HEY   So this week was great and mothers day rocked as well! So great to hear from the fam! 

     So this week was way jam packed with a lot of cool things so this email will be a little bit better! 
So on Tuesday we went to the temple with Rejane which was way cool. She liked it lots and we had a really spiritual experience minus the fact that the temple was closed this week for maintenance and nobody told us that so they didn't even let us get close but we still got to see it and all! 

     So there was a new branch added to our zone here that is way far away and actually is part Parana and part Santa Catarina so we went on splits with them this week which was quite the adventure because it was like a 5 hour bus ride adventure. We got to Mafra which is this way small town and when we got off the bus we were in the midle of nowhere, Elder R. Santos turns and looks at the bus driver and asked him "so are we in Mafra?" and the guy just started laughing way hard and I was like well it's a little too late to ask that now! But turns out we were in the right place. The town is way cool and we had a lot of great experiences! I was with Elder Zanini and we were walking around trying to find this less actives house for quite a while so I decided to just knock on this random door. We knock and this 27 year old guy walks out and was like sure I guess you can share message so we start teaching the restoration and all and he was pretty uninterested. In the end I invited him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and he looked at me and said "No" and I was like...." what"? and then he just started crying and said " this is what I have been waiting for my whole life. I know this is true I know you guys were sent from God." So yeah these are the miracles that we get  to see here!!

     After we hopped on the bus and headed home. Every time you try to get off the bus it's a struggle because there are always 20000 people waiting to get on. I stood up to get off the bus and my shirt caught on the chair and ripped my shirt pocket off and then slammed my head on the ceiling cause the busses are really short. Meanwhile everybody waiting to get on the bus was laughing at me
Bus: 1
Elder Reid: 0 
We found some avocado trees this week and the avocados here are huge!
Hope you all had an awesome week! happy mothers day! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 8th, 2017

Hey all!!
     So this week was pretty normal so this email is gonna be pretty boring haha sorry.
So Our investigator is progressing super well! She is super excited for baptism on May 20th. One of the pictures attached is of our Family home Evening with a family in the ward except half the family isn't in the pic hahaha 

     Also sneak peak of Elder Dias cutting Elder Nascimentos hair which looked like it was gonna go way wrong but in the end all went well. #VaiCorinthians 

     This week I was studying a lot about Joseph Smith and the prophets of the church and learned a whole lot about the attribute of virtue.

     This week I went on splits with Elder S. Rocha. His area is a lot of farmland which was way fun until 2 am when all the roosters started going crazy and I did too.
Elder Reid: 0
Roosters: 1 

This week we are going to the temple with Rejane and have lots of meetings and such planned so it'll be a little more interesting! 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 1st, 2017

     So this week was nothing but the best! 
I'm just gonna jump right into it, sooooo fall is starting up here which is like the biggest blessing ever cause it's not hot as heck here every day anymore. Still short sleeve weather and all but now its ok! 

     So only in Parana there is this nut thing called Pinhão that's way good. It grows on this tree that only grows here in Parana so every house we go to we eat a ton. It's like cashew kinda but tastes like potato. Not really sure how to describe it.
     Also another huge thing here is avocado for dessert. Everyone loves avocado with sugar. When I first heard it I thought it was pretty nasty and told everybody that avocado is meant to be eaten with salt but they looked at me as if I was crazyyyy so I decided to try it out. 
New favorite dessert: avocado with lime and sugar !
Turns out its actually way good and now I can't stop! Don't judge it till ya try it!

     Yesterday was Curitiba vs Atletico soccer game and their stadium is here in my area so literally every living soul was watching which made for the worst day of work hahaha Brazillians love their soccer. 

     Funny story of the week: 
We were walking home the other night and this drunk guy started chasing after me screaming AMERICAN AMERICAN so  stopped to talk to him. He starts telling me all about how his body is a temple and how he should stop drinking and take more care of himself and a long time ago he studied about Joseph Smith and started telling us all about how great of a guy he must've been. 
Usually people say it the other way around but two thumbs up for this guy that put a smile on our faces at the end of the day.

     Life here is great still! Rejane is super solid. She is loving the church and is already bffs with the whole ward. Shes getting ready for baptism on may 13th and is way excited!
I love this work!

     We had a a zone conference with Elder Aidukaitis of the 70 this week which was way great. He taught us lots about planning!

Elder R Santos Elder J Santos and Elder Fuzaro
My zone (Jardim do sol) and Guarapuava zone

April 24th, 2017

Hey world whats up!? 

     So another killer week here in Jardim do Sol! Even better because our investigator was baptized this week! The baptism was way awesome and just a tad unorganized cause Saturday was a holiday here so everybody was travelling which made for a little bit of craziness trying to organize everything but in the end deu certo! 
Baptism rocks and we got 7 other people that are progressing towards their baptism dates here soon so we are super stoked about that! 

     The craziness starts again this week in the zone because there were a ton of changes here after transfers so everyone is getting settled into their new areas and such. We are planning out all of the splits and special dates of the transfer. It's jammed packed so that's always lit.
     This week I went on splits with Elder Bryan from Utah. It was a great time; found lots of great people and had lots of laughs so it was a #success!

     This week we have a zone conference with the area 70 so that's gonna be way fun as always. Zone conferences rock and always great to see the crew! 

I love this work! I have absolutely no doubt that this is the Lords work and that his church is here! The gospel is true! 

Splits with Elder Bryan


April 17th 2017

Yo yo yo!!!
     So this week was transfers! But like I thought and wanted, I am staying in Jardim do Sol but Elder Rodriguez got transferred so I am now with the new comp, Elder R. Santos. We were in the same district back in the days of Vila Aurora. He rocks and we are gonna kill it this transfer!

     This week was great.  Our investigator, is progressing super well and if all goes well will be baptized this Saturday! I am super stoked for him. He rocks, has a great testimony and is just killin it all around. 

     We have lots of other investigators progressing towards baptism. A couple weeks ago we got a reference from Salt Lake of this lady but the problem was that the road they gave us doesn't exist on our map and our area is huge so after like a week of walking and asking where this street is, we found her! She is super awesome. She's had a little bit of a rough life but all of it led her to wanting to be baptized so she did her online studies and decided that the most true church was the Mormon church so she asked us to pass by. She rocks and has a super strong baptismal date for may 13th so we are stoked about that.

     Another investigator is a girl who is the 15 year old daughter of our recent convert! She rocks and wants to be baptized but is a little bit worried because of some difficulties in her life so we are working with her and here in a little she will be baptized as well! 

     This area rocks and I am just loving the work!
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to lead and serve in this mission!
Love this place!

Pics The district

The new comp!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 10th, 2017

WOWEE this week was sooooo crazy I don't know where to start!

So..... This week was full of lots of different things and we didn't even really get to work in our area much but time is just flyinnnnn byyyy.

So last Monday we had an awesome Family home evening with a family of recent converts which was super killer and we played lots of games and ate lots of food so that always makes for an A+ day.

Tuesday we went on splits with the assistants which was super lit cause it was a day full of Elder Rafael which was fun cause he is headed home on Monday so it was one of the last times I'll talk to him for a while which was way sad but the Rafael-Reid Legacy isn't over yet!

Wednesday we had a zone leader meeting with President all day long which was way fun. Always super great to see President and all the gang

Thursday was our one day in our area and it rained alllll dayyyyy longgg which sucked soooooo bad but whatcha gonna do #amirite?

Friday we got on the bus way early and headed out to the smallest little town in our zone called Quitandinha to go on splits with two elders in our zone which was super awesome. I love getting to know people and elders more so I love going on splits. We found some awesome new investigators and marked some baptism dates and was alll around a killer day!

Saturday we got special permission to bring an investigator that was having a little trouble progressing to the temple and had a SUPER spiritual lesson. She said she received her answer there and told us she now knows for sure that the church is true which was super great. This Saturday we have some baptisms planned. One awesome guy  that we found a couple weeks ago. He is always playing soccer at the church and went to alll the sessions of conference which was super sick! 

I'm loving the life here! Transfers are this next week and I'm pretty sure I'll stick around here put I guess we will see!!!

Funny story of the week: The other day we were walking home at 9:30 and this guy starts screaming "I wanna Jesus Picture" and he was super drunk and we were hesitant to stop. The guy walks up to us and was like give me your daily advice and Elder Rodriguez just starts teaching the word of wisdom in the middle of the street and telling this guy to stop drinking and he was liking it and then in the end he got all ticked, pulled a witches hat out of his pocket, puts it on and walks away.

Pics: cake after a day of rain
a cross in the middle of nowhere

We found this awesome park after walking on this dirt road for two hours trying to find a reference 
dirt road

April 4th, 2017

First off is the big birthday shout out to the #1 dad in the world! love ya Rock-star! 

This week was pretty normal. Super jam packed with conference and all! General Conference is always a blast and I'm just super stoked that we have Prophets and Apostles here to give us some inspiration. Nothing motivates you to work more than them! 

We found this awesome park walking to the end of our area trying to find a reference but got super lost. Its not letting me send pics right now so I'll try next week! 

This next week is gonna be full of lots of meetings and splits so I'm sure I will have a lot more to say! 
I got to eat tacos the other day which was super great and reminded me a little of chipotle #saudades 

Life is great here! 
love you all! 

March 27th, 2017

So once again another awesome week here and time is just flyinnnnngggg like I can't even believe! I love this place so much!

This week was pretty nuts, we went to the Temple last Saturday, had zone conference, leadership meetings, and lots of other craziness of daily life!
The Temple was awesome and it's always way fun to see the zone. There was an American family there as well that didn't speak Portuguese very well so I got to help them around too which was fun to speak English a little haha 
We had zone conference and learned lots from president. Always way good to see all the buds and our district from the MTC and being reunited  was way fun.

We have lots of awesome investigators that are progressing really well and I'm way excited to see what's going to happen here in the future with all of them! 

So I went on splits with one of the district leaders in our zone this week and we had a great day. We were returning home at night and we passed on this dark dirt road. Out of nowhere a bunch of military trucks arrived and a huge group of soldiers with huge guns made a border around this forest and we were so confused but just kept walking. 3 seconds after this huge armadillo sprints out of the forest and this old man is just running after it and screaming and I was like where am I right now hahahaha!   I tried to take a picture of the armadillo but the man scared him off too fast...

I love this work!!!

Pics: ant hill?
When your horse escapes
didn't think we would ever see a train on this track!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 20th, 2017


So this week was nuts and went by super fast. Once again I got super lucky and got to go to the temple. My new zone was one of the only zones that didn't go last transfer so I got here just in time to go again which was super awesome! That's why I'm emailing today 

We got a ton of awesome references but the other day we just got a text message from a random person of some address that wasn't on our map and we asked all around but nobody knew where this street was.  Out of nowhere this lady from Salt Lake called us asking why we didn't contact this lady yet so we just started walking asking everyone for this street. Nobody knew. Randomly we were walking to another appointment and found the street and house. It's this super awesome lady that is so excited we are teaching her and is already talking baptism! 

We also found an awesome less active ready to come back to church that was definitely Uchtdorfs 4th floor last door cause her house was in the middle of a bunch of crazy twists and turns!

This area is super awesome and we are finding great people left and right!!!

So now I have lots of pictures that should work to send. 
Last week this huge bus full of Americans was riding around town and later we found them and nobody believed me at first when I said I'm American but I took a pic with some of them so that was fun

There is this dog that follows us to alllll of our appointments and literally walks with us allll dayyy longggg he rocks!


more rain

banana trees



Bed LoL


Garbage Truck

Town Grey Sky

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13th, 2017

     HEY Hope you all had an awesome week! I sure did! We got lots of sun and rain; your usual Curitiba mix! 
But wowee was this week super nuts and jam packed. So I'm here in the new area. It's huge, the members rock, and we got lots of investigators ready for baptism so that's basically the perfect trifecta. 

     So first things first, the other day we were in a lesson at like 7 pm and out of nowhere a bunch of people started to call us, but we were teaching so we were ignoring the calls until after the lesson. But it didn´t let up so we find out after that the gangs around here got a little angry I guess and started doing some not very Christ-like things. One thing led to another and basically anyone in the street after the sun went down wasn´t looking at a very happy ending so we ended up having to return home earlier than we wanted but it's all good. We avoided the danger there.

     Another crazy story, so yesterday we were walking and again out of nowhere this bus passes us screaming something about this American and Brazillian party that was gonna happen in this park in our area and we were like what. So we went to this families house and after the lesson as we were returning we passed in front of this park and there were a bunch of people playing volleyball and I was curious so I asked what was going on but turns out that they actually are Americans because the guy didn´t understand me! Hahaha so right when we got there it started to rain and they invited us in this little house they had with 50 or so American high schoolers. turns out it was some sort of sister school program and everyone thought I was Brazilian  because it's been a while since I've used my english so I was a little slow at first but in the end it was all good! 

     This area rocks! We have lots of work to do and I'm super excited to work with this ward! 
I have more pics but it's not working right now so I'll have to send them later!
Love you all! 

                                                               Pics: The new house
The new district (-2)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 6th, 2017

Well I bet you all have a whole chair but are only using the edge of it cause you're so pumped to hear about what happened with transfers!!! SO big news! I got transferrrrredddd. Basically the saddest day ever cause I love my ward here and had to leave some awesome investigators and members but I am super stoked for the new opportunity. I will now be serving as Zone leader in the ward Jardim do Sol. My new comp is Elder Rodriguez. He´s legit but we will trade comps here in a couple hours so I am still with Elder Araújo. He´s gonna hold down the fort here in Vila Aurora with a new missionary. 

This week was nuts. Everybody is sick and Carnival is bumpin in the streets day and night so that's been way... different. 

So I don't have a whole lot of time to email today because of transfers so this is gonna have to be quick.

Cool story of the week: So on Tuesday Elder Araújo and I were walking to an appointment with an investigator, we get to the door and I'm like frick we forgot the Book of Mormon we were gonna leave with him in the house. So we were like well we don't have a lesson if we don't have the BOM so we ran back to the house real quick and then knocked on the door. Nobody was home. Great. Ran all the way home to get the book of mormon for nothing. So we started walking to another appointment with an awesome investigator and I was like Elder there's for sure a reason that we went and grabbed this book. Some one needs it. So we get to the appointment and we are talking and all and after like 30 minutes in the lesson, our investigators aunt walks in and says she wants to listen. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and this lady just starts crying and saying that shes been looking for these answers for a long time now and she knows the Book of Mormon is true and she was like "where can I buy one?" so we gave her the one we grabbed and she was super stoked. I know Gods hands are in this work every step of the way!

I love this work. I love this mission. I'm super stoked for the new opportunity to serve! 
The usual rain ´round here

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 25th, 2017


Hope you all had a wonderful week. I did. Life rocks. I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week was another jam packed pile of fun. 

Actually I don't really have all that much to say. Just the usual.
So today we went to the temple which is always the best and had some great experiences there. Took some pretty sick pics and learned lots about the savior so the day is rollin in at a solid 100%.
This week wasn´t anything toooooo special. This is the last week of the transfer so next Monday we will find out if Elder Reid Vila Aurora pt. 5 will be the next film in the series. I'm thinkin the chances are pretty slim that I stay here one more but ya never know! 
Sorry this email is totally all over the place. I don't really know what order to go in soooo
Highlights of the week:
Last night we had a family home evening with a bunch of youth in the ward before they all went to youth camp this week (cause carnival is gonna start on Tuesday so its gonna be a fiasco around here. They say Curitiba is pretty mellow on the carnival so I don´t expect anything to crazy. Just lots of fireworks like always.) So anyways the FHE was super fun. Had some book of Mormon trivia and laughed a lot which is always the best!
Had another great district meeting. Love my district here. 
Picked up some awesome new investigators
Had another FHE with one of my fav families and got to feel the spirit super strong!

Sorry nothing too exciting! I love you all! I am loving every second here! I love this gospel! I'm so grateful for this awesome opportunity! 

The gang​​​

Photo shoot with super BOM