Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 10th,2017

     Hey all! 

     So this week was quite the adventure. We are slowly but surely getting our feet on the ground here in Ala 5.
The work here is a lot different than my area. We are in a pretty wealthy and industrial area so knocking doors is basically asking for a miracle but luckily the members here are the and are helping us out a ton. I think I got more referrals this week than my whole mission together 

     This week was a lot of walking and trying to get to know the area. Our area is pretty big.
We were walking with our investigator and this dog comes running up behind her and ripped her purse out of her hand and just booked it up the street and we were all dying laughing cause it was completely out of nowhere but other than that nothing too funny or exciting went on this week but I'm sure the weeks to come will have more stories!

     Also big ol shoutout to all the peeps at the Hill Cumorah Pageant! Everybody go watch it cause the Book of Mormon rocks, the people rock, and the salt potatoes are out of this world! 

love you all
pics: meeting with the crew

our bishop bought us pizza on the first day here. woo go bishop

Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 3rd, 2017

HEY so this week was nuts and definitely quite the trial in the mish ,but we are all good now.

 I got transferred to Boqueirão in a new ward called Ala 5 with my new comp Elder Graças. We are opening the area here which will be quite the task but the ward is excited so I'm sure it'll be great!

 I'm serving as zone leader and district leader here now which is lots to do but out zone here is way tiny so it will be fun.

 Also the biggest news is that Elder Araujo my filho is here in the zone in the area next to me which I am way excited about! This last week we had Luzia and her families baptisms but I don't have any pics with me right  to send! 

This week we also had the meeting with all of the zone leaders so I got to see Elder Nydegger and Herlin again,the mtc trio was reunited

 Life is going great here in the new area.  I have no idea where I am right now but that's just all part of the adventure! 

We had transfers today so I have like no time to email but next week it'll be better!

June 26th, 2017

Well first things first CONGRATS to my big sis who got married this week! u rock Fras!
So this week was way nuts but way good! 

We had Alex´s baptism which went way well and we are excited for him but our weekend was super crazy. 
So we had some baptismal interviews to do in Mafra which is a branch in our zone that's way far away. It's in another state; Santa Catarina which is always interesting. 
We had to get up way early on Friday to get the bus to the center of Curitiba where there is the big bus station of all of the special buses. We bought our bus pass to Mafra. It's about 4 hours of bus ride from our area to Mafra but we made it all in one piece except Elder R. Santos almost threw up but all is well now. 

Our little mission phone only calls people inside the state so we got there a little lost and tried to call the assistants but I accidentally called this guy who was a little mad cause his name was not Elder J. Santos. We eventually made our way to the missionaries house and headed right to the chapel for the interviews. 

After, because the bus ride is so long we decided to stay there and go on splits with the elders there. The area is way nice and huge. its a super pretty city. We had a great day but got home way hungry so we called for a pizza that we are still waiting on. that's sick. 
We then had to get up on Saturday at 4 am to get the bus back to Curitiba because we had a service project that our recent convert planned like a month ago and we had some other appointments as well so we got back at like 9 am and headed straight to the service project. We helped him put some solar panels on his house which was fun and quite interesting but all went well there. 

After we had 15 minutes to make it to our lunch appointment that was at least 30 minutes away so we made some cuts through the woods to see if it would be any faster and it was going all well until we made it to this little river. There wasn't any way to turn back so we tried to make this little bridge but in the end 
I ended up soaking my shoes but it's all part of the adventure right?
We ended up making it to lunch 2 minutes early so yeah it was totally worth it. we killed it. 

 This is the last week of the transfer so I guess we will see next Monday where I'll be or if I'll stay here in j
Jardim do sol! 

This week our ward has 8 baptisms, a big family that's super excited so we are very excited for them!!
Love you all!
The computer isn't letting me send pics but I'll try a little later

June 19th, 2017

Hey all hope you all had a great week!                    Renewing the visas with the crew 

This week was pretty crazy and this next week is going to be even crazier!
So the week started off traveling cause we were visiting other districts to see how the zone is doing. We gave some training and had a good time. We had planned to go on splits with these missionaries that live pretty far away so we woke up way early to head out and when we got there they were both throwing up and super sick so we basically just turned around and headed back home super tired which kinda sucked. This week everybody got sick in the zone. We all got these flu shots and I think there was something a little fishy going on there because everybody got sick on the same day so one Wednesday Elder R. Santos and I stayed home basically all day with a fever 103 which was just awesome. To top it all off, our shower broke cause here they use these electric heaters to heat the water and sometimes the water shocks your head if you're lucky but it almost caught fire this week so we were without a shower for a little but we got it all back up and running quick.

We went on splits two times this week, on the second split on Thursday I was still dying but we already planned out the split so I went and maybe that wasn't the best idea but hey blessings. 

This week was also a first cause on Saturday night we left our last appointment and we were headed home on this road that's a little sketchy and we were like 2 minutes from our house when all of the sudden this guy on a bike rides in front of us, drops his bike and starts screaming at us to give him everything we have, he was really short and small but he had a knife and was pretty riled up so we were like we don't have anything of value just pass-along cards and a message that will change your life forever but he didn't really go for it so he snagged our old mission cell phone and then he asked me for my watch, but I said no and he ran away. We thought the situation was way funny cause he rode up on a bike that didn't have brakes and had to stop himself skidding in his flip flops. All is well and nobody was hurt. Happens to everyone here I just happened to go a year without anybody breaking my streak! 

This week we are headed to Santa Catarina again for some baptismal interviews and on Saturday we have Alexs baptism!!!
Also huge shout-out to my big sis Fras who is gonna get married this week!
Kill it sis! 


District pics

June 12th, 2017

SO This week was another super great week here! We are seeing miracles each and every day and we are just killin it here in Jardim do Sol.

On Tuesday we had splits with the assistants and it was basically the end of the world. We started the split and like 20 minutes after the biggest thunder storm I have ever seen started we were walking on this road in the middle of nowhere headed to our next appointment and we were just 200% drenched which was way awesome. Thunder and lightening was striking all around us and then all of our appointments were falling through. But in the end we learned a lot and had a good time and now Elder Fuzaro is sick but happens to the best of us!

Funny story of the week: So we were knocking doors and there was this one old guy working on his car and we were like hmm should we talk to him I feel like he is just gonna get mad but we decided to just go for it. He got up way quick and runs inside his house saying he ha something for us. So we are just there like what it is happening. He comes back with this Tupperware of these fried cinnamon things, give it to us and goes back to work on his car and we were all confused thinking he just gave us food to shut us up so after we asked if we could share a message and he said no so we asked if we could just say a prayer with him and he was all for it so we talked a little, his name is Dyto, and he just started ranting about how he thinks all churches are just in it for the money and we said a prayer, talked a little about prophets and left. He told us to come back the next day.  
On the next day he said he wants to be baptized and wants to go to church so on Sunday morning Dyto picked us up in his big ol Volkswagen van and we headed to church together preparing for his baptism on July 1st!
We also had a ward party this week cause fall is starting here so we ate lots of traditional foods and such,twas a hoot .
Yesterday there was a huge stake activity with the 70 presidency here about missionary work with all of the youth. It was way great and three youth opened their calls. I love this work and I wouldn't trade this time for anything! 
The gospel is true and families can be forever!

Pics: Half of the zone at the activity yesterdayDisplaying facebook live.jpg
All of the youth

June 5th, 2017

Hey everyoneeee this week was way crazy! 

So to start off, last p-day right after we got off email we were headed to our favorite supermarket when all of the sudden this car was pushed off the road by a big swat truck. Then like 15 officers sprinted out of this truck with huge military guns and threw these 4 guys on the ground and started screaming at them. Elder R. Santos and I were passing by way confused and this is all happening in the middle of the only big road that exists so there were hundred of people there watching. 

On Tuesday we had to travel for some baptismal interviews which was pretty crazy cause we had to be back in our area quick for some appointments. 

On Wednesday was zone conference and we were in charge of everything so it was a lot of preparations but it went over well. We talked about planning and goal setting and took some pics, had some birthday celebrations and had lots of fun!!!

This week we found an awesome new family that is way prepared for the gospel and we are super excited to see how that goes! 

This next week is gonna be a little hectic as well because we have a couple splits planned and we are also gonna be on splits with the assistants which is always a good time! 

This week was also a little slow because of some huge soccer games this week and the entire country stops for these games so its pretty impossible to find anyone during these times!

This Saturday we are gonna have a ward activity that they have every June. Here in Parana there is a nut sort of thing called Pinhão that everybody eats during this time of year. It only grows here in Parana so we are eating tons of that! 

Just living it up! love you all 

birthday festivities 

pics: the best zone everDisplaying DSCN7087.JPG


Elder J Santos and e
Elder Reid part 3 ft Elder Fuzaro 
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