Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 21st, 2017

Hey all! 
So this is gonna be a quick one!
We have zone conference this week so we are preparing a ton of stuff for that! 
Hope it all goes over well! 
Our zone is a lot bigger now which is fun! 
This week we found an awesome new family with 8 kids! They are super prepared to hear the gospel and I hope we will be able to help them to baptism!!
We are loving it here in Ala 5! 
Time is flying by!
Also my camera went nuts today and it's not letting me send any pics so sorry no pics today!
Next week will be better! Love you all! The church is true! 

Friday, August 18, 2017

August 14th, 2017

     I bet you all have a whole seat but are only using the edge of it cause you're so excited to know if  I was transferred or not!  Well turns out I am staying here in Ala 5 with Elder Graças another transfer. 
     Our zone grabbed another stake of missionaries now so  it got a lot bigger which will be pretty exciting. Our zone is the Portão Boqueirão zone. We are the zone of the mission office.

     This week was pretty good. We did lots of finding and have some pretty awesome people to teach.
We are teaching this couple: Baselais and Jacyara. Baselais is from Haiti and he is way awesome. They went to church with us this week and are actually super ready for baptism.

     We are teaching this other lady, Maria who is from the northeast of Brazil and they are way receptive there. We knocked her door and she answered and was like enter enter what do you guys wanna talk about. She has the coolest accent ever and she freaking rocks. We are way excited for her.

     Also this week I hit my one year mark! I celebrated eating these mini pizza things that are the bomb and mini churros all by myself because everybody here is sick because it got way cold one day and then was like 100 degrees the next day and people here aren't used to that so all of the elders in the house were sick but Connecticut weather is always nuts so I was all healthy haha.  I can't believe time is flying so fast. Well at least it's flying by for me hahaha 
I feel like I got here last month!

     The work is going really well and we are teaching a lot now which makes the time pass even faster.
love you all!

plates for the taurus (jk)

district pics 

happy 1 year to me

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 11th 2017

Hey all! 

     This week was another great week full of lots of miracles!
So this week we had our transfer meeting with all of the zone leaders which is always fun and interesting. Got to catch up a little with the crew.

    President has been talking a lot about faith and following the guidance of the spirit so we have been trying like crazy to apply all of that in our areas and let me tell you president is an inspired man cause we are seeing miracles left and right here!

     On Friday we were knocking doors and it was going pretty well but we stopped to head to our appointment. We were walking down the street when this guy passed us by on a bike and I was like we need to talk to him so I jumped in front of his bike and pretty sure I scared him but it's all good cause we planned to meet him and his family on Saturday morning. We stopped by and turns out he is from Haiti but married a Brazilian girl and they have 2 little kids. They are way awesome and went to church with us on Sunday! We stopped by their house Sunday morning at 8:30 and they were all out in the front all dressed up and ready to go!
When we got to church there was another guy waiting there saying he felt like he needed to go to this church. He's from Paraguay. He is working here in Brazil trying to bring his wife and 3 kids here to Brazil! He rocks and is way excited!

     I love this work and I love the book of Mormon! 
Follow President Monsons advice and read the book of Mormon every day!

This week is transfer week!

candids with prez lol 
the crew. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

August 1st, 2017

     So this week was another jammmed pack week of adventures and such!
Rosa´s baptism went way well! She was so happy and a 70 was visiting at her confirmation and she thought that was way special and it was so funny. She's a funny lady
Rosa went into hiding this whole week and we were worried her baptism was gonna fall through but she showed up again on Friday so we marked her interview and the baptism went well in the end. 

     We went to the temple today which is always way great. We had to get up a little earlier to catch the bus and all but it was a great day and I love the temple! 

     This week wasn't all that exciting.
We are doing a lot of walking and knocking doors trying to find the most efficient way to work here in the area but the transfer is almost over! We have our Zone Leader meeting this week and then next week is already the last week of the transfer!

     At the temple Elder Ah Puck (from Hawaii) snagged a pic and we weren't even posing or expecting it but it turned out to be a pic that looks way posed and patriotic so we got way stoked wooo go Brazil 

other temple pics 

love y'all​

July 24th, 2017

     Hey all! 
     Another great week here in the new ward! 

     So this week we had a lot of progress with our investigators. 
Rosa is super excited for her baptism this Saturday and if all goes well this week she will be baptized! She tells everybody that talks to her that she is gonna be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ! She rocks and we are way excited for her. 

     We have a couple other investigators progressing towards baptism. We are teaching Rosa´s grandson who also wants to be baptized but we are waiting a little bit cause we want to help the whole family progress together.

     This week I went on splits with my filho Elder Araújo! it was  fun to catch up with him and we had a super great day of work together! But everything seems to fall through on splits, luckily our appointments didn't fall through but our lunch appointment did so we ended up making hamburgers at home hahaha 

     At night we were walking and this huge flock of birds passed by chirping and all and this guy that may or may not have been a little drunk walked up to us and said
guy: " wow did you guys understand what they said? "
Araújo:  "only caught a little bit, did you?"
guy: " they were sent to tell us that the three of us were brothers before this life"
(but we were with our ward mission leader so there were actually 4 of us)
araújo: " well there are four of us here so someones out of the loop and that's a little awkward"
guy: " maybe I understood wrong because they were speaking another language"......
...... it continued and the ward mission leader and I were dying laughing cause Elder Araújo is like the funniest person I know. 

We also had our zone conference this week which was a super success!

July 17, 2017

     Hey! This week was way good! 

     We are starting to get a pretty good teaching group here and are seeing miracles left and right! This week we picked up some new investigators. 
Rosa is awesome, shes our newest investigator, shes 73 years old and has a baptismal date for July 29th and shes pumped. This week we brought her to our ward party and she sat there smiling the whole time. When the bishop asked her if she was excited for church on Sunday she said "Bishop, I'm excited for my baptism on July 29th!" So we are pumped for her! She has a parrot and we found her because one day when we were passing by she was fighting with her parrot telling him to eat and her parrot was swearing at her so we took the opportunity to teach her about the restored gospel.

     Our next investigator is João. He is 12 and the rest of his family was baptized recently but him and his mom moved here recently so we are teaching them. 

     This week we have our zone conference and we are in charge so it's been a lot of work but it's a lot of fun! We are loving it up here in Ala V and time is flying by! 

     Also this week we were on a super packed bus and it broke down so we all had to unload into these glass tubes where the next bus was gonna pick us up. It was like 600 people in a 20 square foot tub but we took advantage of the opportunity to take some district pics.
     Hope you all have an awesome week!