Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

     HEY so this week was transfers! Can't believe anther transfer has already passed by! SO this transfer I am staying here in Jardim do Sol with Elder R. Santos which is what I was really hoping because we have some awesome investigators with baptismal dates and I didn't wanna miss out on them! 

     This week was actually crazy filled with some pretty funny stories.
So on Tuesday we were eating lunch in our favorite restaurant here and all of the sudden this guy just sprints out of the restaurant screaming. We looked out the window (and what did I see!) I wish it was popcorn popping but it was these two guys robbing these boxes from  a big truck and throwing them in their car. The owner of the truck tried to stop them but the road was super packed and busy and the guys hopped in the car and drove away almost causing a huge accident. It was nuts and we felt way bad. After lunch we went out and passed by the truck to see what it was they robbed and it was a chocolate delivery truck... They robbed like 6 boxes of oreos and Hershey bars hahaha we thought that was way funny cause I don't know who would go to all that effort and risk to rob like 20 packages of oreos but I've come to see that you just see everything here so yeah just another day in the life!

     On Friday we were walking in the street and this guy starts running after us stumbling all over the place cause he was way drunk and he grabs Elder R. Santos, looks at him and screams "Just so you know, I AM A PROPHET and I have something to prophesy to you; The girl you love, doesn´t love you but loves your best friend" I was dying laughing and everybody in the street was laughing way hard too and Elder R. Santos was way confused. After a little while of him repeating this over and over we finally escaped and I continued to laugh all day.

     This week was way good. We started knocking doors in a new area that nobody has ever been and we are finding tons of new investigators which has been awesome! 
Life here is rocking! Super excited for this week especially cause my birthday is on Friday and the ward here is making cakes cause they all rock!

     Love you all! 
Pic: Elder Nascimentos birthday fest (cause his birthday was on Saturday

May 15, 2017

     HEY   So this week was great and mothers day rocked as well! So great to hear from the fam! 

     So this week was way jam packed with a lot of cool things so this email will be a little bit better! 
So on Tuesday we went to the temple with Rejane which was way cool. She liked it lots and we had a really spiritual experience minus the fact that the temple was closed this week for maintenance and nobody told us that so they didn't even let us get close but we still got to see it and all! 

     So there was a new branch added to our zone here that is way far away and actually is part Parana and part Santa Catarina so we went on splits with them this week which was quite the adventure because it was like a 5 hour bus ride adventure. We got to Mafra which is this way small town and when we got off the bus we were in the midle of nowhere, Elder R. Santos turns and looks at the bus driver and asked him "so are we in Mafra?" and the guy just started laughing way hard and I was like well it's a little too late to ask that now! But turns out we were in the right place. The town is way cool and we had a lot of great experiences! I was with Elder Zanini and we were walking around trying to find this less actives house for quite a while so I decided to just knock on this random door. We knock and this 27 year old guy walks out and was like sure I guess you can share message so we start teaching the restoration and all and he was pretty uninterested. In the end I invited him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and he looked at me and said "No" and I was like...." what"? and then he just started crying and said " this is what I have been waiting for my whole life. I know this is true I know you guys were sent from God." So yeah these are the miracles that we get  to see here!!

     After we hopped on the bus and headed home. Every time you try to get off the bus it's a struggle because there are always 20000 people waiting to get on. I stood up to get off the bus and my shirt caught on the chair and ripped my shirt pocket off and then slammed my head on the ceiling cause the busses are really short. Meanwhile everybody waiting to get on the bus was laughing at me
Bus: 1
Elder Reid: 0 
We found some avocado trees this week and the avocados here are huge!
Hope you all had an awesome week! happy mothers day! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 8th, 2017

Hey all!!
     So this week was pretty normal so this email is gonna be pretty boring haha sorry.
So Our investigator is progressing super well! She is super excited for baptism on May 20th. One of the pictures attached is of our Family home Evening with a family in the ward except half the family isn't in the pic hahaha 

     Also sneak peak of Elder Dias cutting Elder Nascimentos hair which looked like it was gonna go way wrong but in the end all went well. #VaiCorinthians 

     This week I was studying a lot about Joseph Smith and the prophets of the church and learned a whole lot about the attribute of virtue.

     This week I went on splits with Elder S. Rocha. His area is a lot of farmland which was way fun until 2 am when all the roosters started going crazy and I did too.
Elder Reid: 0
Roosters: 1 

This week we are going to the temple with Rejane and have lots of meetings and such planned so it'll be a little more interesting! 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 1st, 2017

     So this week was nothing but the best! 
I'm just gonna jump right into it, sooooo fall is starting up here which is like the biggest blessing ever cause it's not hot as heck here every day anymore. Still short sleeve weather and all but now its ok! 

     So only in Parana there is this nut thing called Pinhão that's way good. It grows on this tree that only grows here in Parana so every house we go to we eat a ton. It's like cashew kinda but tastes like potato. Not really sure how to describe it.
     Also another huge thing here is avocado for dessert. Everyone loves avocado with sugar. When I first heard it I thought it was pretty nasty and told everybody that avocado is meant to be eaten with salt but they looked at me as if I was crazyyyy so I decided to try it out. 
New favorite dessert: avocado with lime and sugar !
Turns out its actually way good and now I can't stop! Don't judge it till ya try it!

     Yesterday was Curitiba vs Atletico soccer game and their stadium is here in my area so literally every living soul was watching which made for the worst day of work hahaha Brazillians love their soccer. 

     Funny story of the week: 
We were walking home the other night and this drunk guy started chasing after me screaming AMERICAN AMERICAN so  stopped to talk to him. He starts telling me all about how his body is a temple and how he should stop drinking and take more care of himself and a long time ago he studied about Joseph Smith and started telling us all about how great of a guy he must've been. 
Usually people say it the other way around but two thumbs up for this guy that put a smile on our faces at the end of the day.

     Life here is great still! Rejane is super solid. She is loving the church and is already bffs with the whole ward. Shes getting ready for baptism on may 13th and is way excited!
I love this work!

     We had a a zone conference with Elder Aidukaitis of the 70 this week which was way great. He taught us lots about planning!

Elder R Santos Elder J Santos and Elder Fuzaro
My zone (Jardim do sol) and Guarapuava zone

April 24th, 2017

Hey world whats up!? 

     So another killer week here in Jardim do Sol! Even better because our investigator was baptized this week! The baptism was way awesome and just a tad unorganized cause Saturday was a holiday here so everybody was travelling which made for a little bit of craziness trying to organize everything but in the end deu certo! 
Baptism rocks and we got 7 other people that are progressing towards their baptism dates here soon so we are super stoked about that! 

     The craziness starts again this week in the zone because there were a ton of changes here after transfers so everyone is getting settled into their new areas and such. We are planning out all of the splits and special dates of the transfer. It's jammed packed so that's always lit.
     This week I went on splits with Elder Bryan from Utah. It was a great time; found lots of great people and had lots of laughs so it was a #success!

     This week we have a zone conference with the area 70 so that's gonna be way fun as always. Zone conferences rock and always great to see the crew! 

I love this work! I have absolutely no doubt that this is the Lords work and that his church is here! The gospel is true! 

Splits with Elder Bryan


April 17th 2017

Yo yo yo!!!
     So this week was transfers! But like I thought and wanted, I am staying in Jardim do Sol but Elder Rodriguez got transferred so I am now with the new comp, Elder R. Santos. We were in the same district back in the days of Vila Aurora. He rocks and we are gonna kill it this transfer!

     This week was great.  Our investigator, is progressing super well and if all goes well will be baptized this Saturday! I am super stoked for him. He rocks, has a great testimony and is just killin it all around. 

     We have lots of other investigators progressing towards baptism. A couple weeks ago we got a reference from Salt Lake of this lady but the problem was that the road they gave us doesn't exist on our map and our area is huge so after like a week of walking and asking where this street is, we found her! She is super awesome. She's had a little bit of a rough life but all of it led her to wanting to be baptized so she did her online studies and decided that the most true church was the Mormon church so she asked us to pass by. She rocks and has a super strong baptismal date for may 13th so we are stoked about that.

     Another investigator is a girl who is the 15 year old daughter of our recent convert! She rocks and wants to be baptized but is a little bit worried because of some difficulties in her life so we are working with her and here in a little she will be baptized as well! 

     This area rocks and I am just loving the work!
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to lead and serve in this mission!
Love this place!

Pics The district

The new comp!