Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 12th, 2016

     HEY sooooo I bet you all have a whole seat but you´re only using the edge of it because you´re all so anxious to know what happened this transfer! SO here it is: I have no idea yet! haha sorry but the whole transfer hasn´t been released yet. The only thing I know is that I am going to train a new missionary. A group of new missionaries will arrive here tomorrow and I´ll find my new companion! Definitely a little sad cause my buds Elder Rafael and Elder Pinheiro were transferred to the other side of the mission. It´ll definitely be weird not having them in the house because I have been with them since I arrived here! I think the idea is I will stay in Vila Aurora but don´t know for sure yet. My companion Elder J. Santos is going to train as well so we are headed to the mission home later today to find out about what´s going to happen! Also love Elder J. Santos but I think we will stay in the same house so it´s not too big of a change there.
      BUT anyways this week was jam packed! First and foremost we had the baptism of Roberto! Now that I think of it I am not sure if I ever mentioned Roberto in an email. We met him 2 weeks ago and last p-day the baptism wasn´t 100% yet so I think I forgot to mention him but anyways he´s 27 years old, super happy and now a member! I´ll include some photos of him. The baptism was super good and he asked to share his testimony at his own baptism. It was super cool and he is progressing super well! We finished off the transfer with a bang!

      Teaching a whole ton and reactivating some less-actives that I have been working with since I arrived here which is so awesome to see them enjoying the blessings of the gospel! This Sunday we had a transmission of Elder Holland for all of Brazil! We heard from some members of the seventy and other leaders of the church! It was super legit and last night there was a Christmas activity in the stake and it was super cool cause woo Christmas spirit! 


Funny story of the week: So The other day I was on splits with another Elder, Elder Araujo. We were knocking doors and such and we knocked this one door that had a gate half way open and there is this dog super super mad there. This dog was not just barking angrily, this dog wanted to kill us but all is well cause the dog is chained to the house. Jokes on us! We took one step to leave cause nobody showed up and this dog is just going mad. All of a sudden the chain BREAKS and this dog just starts sprinting after us. I tried to close the gate but it was broken so we just started sprinting down the street and this dog running after this. Luckily there are a lot of dogs in the street so this dog started fighting with other dogs and forgot about us. We made it out alive but just barely! 
Anyways this week was awesome and filled with lots of laughs! Hope you all had an awesome week!

Pics: Elder Rafael´s dinner  (just bread, he didn´t eat the peanut butter) 
Before and after pics with Roberto 

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