Monday, October 24, 2016

October 19th and 24th

 BOOM CRASH!!!!!!    Did I get your attention? But actually the subject means something because this week it did not stop thunder-storming. If I had a dollar for every time it started POURING rain while we were knocking doors this week I would have like 4 or 5 dollars. When it rains it pours here! The other night while walking home but way far away, it started raining really hard but this week has also been super hot and blue skies during the afternoon because summer just started here so naturally we didn't have our umbrellas or any sort of rain prep. We were soaked head to toe in 2 minutes and continued walking for another 15 or so. It is super awesome though because the stories are fun to have.     
      Some guy told me that lightning strikes more in Brazil than any other place on earth. Now I have absolutely no idea if thats true or not but that guy probably isn´t far off! The lightning here is insane! It strikes like every 5 seconds during a storm! Anyways that's the weather woo.
      Other fun things that happened this week are dia dos crianças which is kid day and basically the whole city has the day off work and it's just a huge barbecue and party. The streets we usually proselyte on were closed and filled with trampolines for all the kids.
      We have had some awesome experiences this week with people! So we teach a recent convert in our ward a 16 year old boy named Shampoo. He is super awesome and the other day we showed up to a lesson at his house and he had a friend there so we talked to him about the gospel and such and he said he loves the church and wants to be baptized! We marked a baptism for the end of this month and he is super excited. We are seeing a lot of really cool little miracles every day! Today we went to the temple here in Curitiba and it was awesome! It is a super pretty temple and the tropical plants and such are super cool!
      Other than that I don´t have a bunch to say this week! The church is true! The food is amazing! Life rocks! 
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     HEY! Time is flying here because I feel like the last time I emailed was earlier today! Every day we wake up, talk to people for what feels like 20 minutes and then its already 9pm! It's only been 4 days since I emailed last this email isn´t going to be very long or exciting. The good news of the gospel just wasn´t selling like hot cakes this week. A week full of rejection after rejection after rejection and not much progress with the people we are teaching.
      We have (hopefully) two baptisms this week for two awesome investigators. Thiago (15 year old boy) is super excited about the church and last Sunday when we set our clocks back an hour for summer here. He woke up all his friends 2 hours before church started cause he forgot to set his clock back! We thought it was pretty funny but I don´t think his friends did lol He´s awesome!
      The coolest story of this week was on Saturday. Our ward had an activity at 4 pm and we were knocking doors and having no success all day. At around  3:50 we decided to go check out the chapel to see if there were any possible missionary opportunities. Right as we turned and started walking, a woman came running and screaming "I want a Book of Mormon!!!" We talked to her and it turns out she was baptized about 15 years ago and has just been too nervous to return but wants to start. We were like woah when does that happen BUT WAIT!  As we finished talking to her, a man pulled over in a truck and honked at us and said "I want to talk to you guys!" He was super interested in the church and came to the activity with us. He apparently had a bunch of Mormon friends growing up! Those are the things that makes the work worth it!

Another cool story of the week is we found a place that sells ice cream this week right by our house! First, understand that ice cream is really expensive for a missionary budget here so finding any at all for way cheap made for happy missionaries. Life is good here! The days are flying! It is really hot and sometimes really cold and also usually raining so everyday is a surprise! You all rock! 

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