Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 3rd, 2016

      Another awesome week here in Curitiba! This week flew by! I feel like I emailed yesterday!
      I don´t even know where to start so I guess I will start with the most interesting story because my english teachers always told me that´s how you hook in the reader. It was cold and foggy and Elder França and I were at our usual 4 way stop with speed bumps for stop signs. We crossed the street and the second we stepped on the other side there was a huge noise behind us and we turned around to a 3 car wreck. We caught a little bit of it, but I am still not really sure what happened. Two of the cars were off the road and drilled the gate of a house and looked like the two cars were totaled. It was pretty nuts and the loudest noise I have ever heard.
       Now that you are all on the edge of your seats, this week was like everything in one week
     . Burning hot, freezing cold, long, fast, happy, sad; you know, the usual. Earlier in the week was way hot out and we were dying of heat walking, but now it feels like winter and I am in my winter coat with wool socks woooo. feels just like home.
      We found two amazing people to teach this week that are both super excited and prepared to hear the good news of the gospel. The first man was super excited to see us and him and his wife have been super engaged and reading the Book of Mormon all on their own terms and such and we hope that they keep progressing! The other was this super nice, humble woman who we taught this week and she was having some troubles but we were able to help her out and she is super happy and came to church for general conference on Sunday which was super awesome!
      I am loving the work here and every day is just filled with so many things that I could write forever about. Another cool story is that last night around 7 after conference we had 4 appointments and every single one fell through and we were pretty discouraged because usually every single one is home and we only had time for 2 anyways but all of these people were strangely not home. We decided to try one more person and as we were walking we came upon the house of a family that is baptized.

They haven't  been participating much in church activities recently so we decided to knock and they were all home which was awesome! After talking they said they were excited to see us because they have a desire to return to church and we set up further appointments with them! It was definitely the hand of God in our path because if we had visited others we never would have gone to visit them and Sunday night is the only time that their entire family is together so the only time we could have taught!
      In other news the food here still rocks. We had this coconut chocolate cake with some coconut cream on top and it was probably the best thing I have ever had in my life.  The pizza here is wacky but way good!  About an hour ago at a members house I picked, peeled, and pressed all these oranges for orange juice which was divine! This week rocked and I hope you are all doing well! Watch some football for me please cause I definitely miss that but life is rich! 

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