Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31st, 2016

     One more time! One more time! WOW this week was amazing!! So much happened so I am gonna give a little summary of the week first and then I will explain the good stuff a little more.
      But first, Elder França was called as assistant to the president so I am now with Elder J. Santos! Transfers were today so this is our first day as companions, but we are super excited! 
      Ok now the week, So first it only rained on us once this week which is a way big improvement, thank you mother nature. We had the baptism of Thiago which was a super cool experience and he is super happy! 
      We had a zone conference with President Costa who is the the area 70 president in Brazil. We picked up 5 AWESOME new investigators that all accepted baptism on the first lesson so I hope that those will stand strong!      A member brought us to this super super good restaurant and we stuffed our faces. AND to top it all off, the van at the end of our street was selling sausages 2 for 10 reals! ($3) If that doesn´t sound like a good week then I don't know what to tell ya!
      Ok so cool things this week were that we were really struggling to find people to teach. We decided to start contacting people on the side of our area that we hadn´t worked much because it is really far from where we usually work and where all of our recent converts and less actives are. Anyways, we were having a little better success. We found one lady that said she has been praying for help from God to help her stop smoking and such so we taught the Word of Wisdom and she has already cut down a ton on smoking and said we were an answer to her prayers! After that we taught a man who was super excited about the message of the restoration and ´said he wanted to be baptized! AND THEN as we were walking back, it was way hot and we were really thirsty and tired and such but we decided to knock one more door. This house that we passed many times, pretty much every other day, without knocking but decided to this time. It was a family of 4 that were soooo receptive to our message. They scheduled the day for us to come back and are such amazing people. The cool thing is that the dad works every day except for the 4 hour period  that we decided to knock. If we would have passed by any other day nobody would have answered so yeah real life miracles happening every day here! The work is amazing and time is flying! You all rock! 

Baptism of Thiago
Guiherme and Leonardo, two awesome members preparing for missions
The legend: Shampoo 
My favorite tree

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