Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14th, 2016

     WOWEE this week was by far the best week of the mission so far! This work is incredible and I am so happy to be here in this ward in Brazil teaching and learning from these people!!!! 
     Ok so first we had a ward family night in the chapel It was one family´s missionaries homecoming and I was asked to give the message. No big deal right? Yeah well turns out this missionary is a pretty popular dude and there were so many people here. The American that doesn't really speak the same language as everyone else in the room was a little nervous. But the Lord provides and it went really well. ANYWAYS, after the message, this family came up to me and started speaking English and I was way confused and thought maybe I was fluent in Portuguese because I was finally hearing words that made 100% sense in my head! Turns out that wasn´t the case and it really was English but the crazy thing is this family is from Connecticut! What are the odds!? They aren´t members but they used to live here in Curitiba and are visiting here now! Crazy!
      This week was incredible! We found so many new and awesome people this week. We were (almost) never rejected! We found 7 new investigators that are all just really really awesome and have such big desires to learn more and yeah it was super good. We were a little down at the start of this week because one of our baptismal dates fell through and we were having trouble finding people but the Lord really showed us miracles after we showed our faith!
      We had the primary program this Sunday which is always the best! The primary in this ward is super funny and super cool! In other news, there was another hugeeee accident right outside of our house again making that accident number 5 right outside our house.
      The weather is still absolutely crazy. The beginning of the week was about 90-100 degrees and then completely out of nowhere, we got absolutely drenched by rain. You might wonder why we never bring umbrellas with us, and to be quite honest, I wonder the same thing...
      Anyways this week was supppperrrr dupppperrr good and I am way excited for this next week to see how our new investigators progress! You all rock! 
     Funny story of the week: So yesterday I was asked to say a prayer in English. Ok I can do this, only the language that I speak every day of my life. Yeah well turns out I don't know how to speak English or Portuguese now! I started off well and didn´t realize I was speaking in half Portuguese and once I realized I didn´t have it in me to finish in English. Way embarrassing but way funny too.
What the sky usually looks like at 3 pm

 Zone Meeting woo                            

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