Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 7th, 2016

     HEY whats up everyone this week was pretty uneventful soooo this email is going to be among the more boring of emails sorrryyy.

      ANYWAYS this was the first week with my new companion, Elder J. Santos. He rocks and we are teaching the gospel to anyone that wants to hear it and more! We knocked a lot of doors this week, well actually that´s a lie, every house here has fences so you clap and the dogs start barking and the person hears their dog and comes out. It´s like a rube goldberg machine doorbell. So we clapped a lot of doors this week and found a lot of great people.

      We are teaching two families of 4 and they are lovin it! They are progressing super well and I hope that it continues because teaching families rocks! A new group of missionaries arrived here on Tuesday so that´s pretty neat, excited to meet them.

      So our ward building is the stake center and this weekend they had a play about hope and life after death and all that good stuff just your typical ward activity. BUT NO this was not your normal ward activity! We were walking to the chapel and the streets were just packed with cars and people and it was a zoo inside! There were so many members (and non-members too!) and the play was way good and professional status. This ward rocks and I love all the people here. They rock!

      Other than that this week was pretty chilllll. We found a lizard in our house last night cause its hot during the day but cold at night so all the insects and animals like to join us at night lol Everyday is crazy and hilarious and awesome!

Love you all! Keep rockin in the U S of A!

Pic: Our new friend
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