Monday, February 13, 2017

February 6th, 2017

HEY how is everyone? Shout out to those of you that are still reading these! So yeah this week was a big one with some funny stories and LOTS of changes. SO on Tuesday we had a zone conference that was bomb as usual. President talked to us about the testimony we need to bear of the Book of Mormon and how we need to develop trust in the spirit so we have been trying to apply that this week and its definitely made a difference in our work. Also was way good to see all the missionaries and this week was Elder Rafael and Elder Franças birthday so the crew regathered for some birthday festivities! After the conference there was a 2 hour missionary broadcast about some new changes in the mish! So yeah basically our entire schedule changed and its focused a ton more on agency and work with members! So here's what went down in the mish: Now we wake up at 7:30 which is super killer! We have time to get ready and do some study but we have to leave the house at 10:30 to start proselytizing. We return home at 10 and sleep at 10:30 or 11 depending on what you chose with the comp. So yeah the old schedule we would arrive at home and plan for the next day but now all planning is done first thing in the morning. We do all of our companion and language study in the street or under a tree or in a park haha basically anywhere that's not home! It's pretty cool because we govern our schedules based on what is best for our area! 

Funny stories of the week: so weeks ago we got this reference for some guy named Daniel but the street wasn´t in our area so we  passed it on to another area. Turns out the name of the street changed and it actually is in our area so we found this tiny little dirt road that had a couple houses at the end after lots of walking so we went to see if Daniel was home. He was and we marked an appointment with him but as we were leaving this dog runs out of some abandoned house and we are at the end of the street so super stuck with no where to escape from this dog. 30 seconds later another dog runs out, and another, and another, and next thing we know is we are completely trapped with 9 dogs just super ticked that we are there. So we are fending off these dogs with our bags and we escaped but they all followed us until we left the street! I love dogs. 

Second funny story: so weather is still crazy here and the other day comp and I were walking to a members house for lunch and the black sky was lookin a little intimidating but all was well we arrived without any rain. So a little while after we are leaving and nothing has changed. The member offered an umbrella but we were like nooo I don't think its gonna rain so we went on our way. So yeah the thing about Curitiba is the sky is always dark and looks like a hurricane but half the time it doesn't rain so we thought we were in the clear. Yeah bad idea.... like a quarter mile up the street it just started to pourrrrr. We were absolutely drenched with no where to go so we just decided to keep knocking doors cause you know, your usually rainy day activities! I also love rain (seriously this time) 

Highlight of the week: I found a pomegranate tree! 

Pics: A new friend 

Zone conference prep

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