Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 30th. 2017

HEY whats up! Good morning! I hope you´re all having an awesome 2017!
     This week was awesome mostly because we had some huge rain storms that cooled it down a little bit here so THAT was a big blessing.
      So first week of the transfer was a success! We found some super great people and didn´t sweat all that much. We are trying out some new things cause knocking doors every day wasn´t giving the results we were hoping for. We decided that the majority of people return from work after 6 so we have been visiting during the afternoon and knocking doors at night and finding a whole bunch of new people! Our investigators are progressing but we are really trying to give it our all to find new people and to help our investigators progress a lot more. Some days are a little tough when its super hot or pouring rain and nobody wants to let us in  but just gotta keep on keeping on!
      This week will be pretty awesome! We have a zone conference tomorrow, so that´ll be fun to see president and some other missionaries that I don´t see very often here. Always a hoot! The stake conference we had last week was all about missionary work in the stake and the members are pretty excited now to help us out which makes a huge difference! Im excited to see what the future has in store for this ward! Hope you all have an awesome week! 
When you find some american food
Elder J. Santos Photo shoot part 2 
Food network w/ Elder Quaresma 

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