Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 13th, 2017

HEY this week was just super awesome. Every week is just super awesome. I love Brazil. I love Curitiba (south). I love the Vila Aurora ward!

So this week was just way fun and had lots of great experiences once again. 
So first off this week was the hottest week of the summer so far. Which also means it was the rainiest (?) Every time it is super hot here, it rains a ton. So every day is like 100 degrees and it just pours all night long which is super fun. I´ve learned to love rain because it cools ya off a little when the suns beating down all day. But anyways it was particularly hot on tuesday afternoon when a family thats moving into our ward called and asked for some help moving some furniture. So about all houses here have another little house on the back part of the property. This family was moving into a house of this old lady who is sick so she sold her huse but wanted to keep all of her stuff so we had to move all of her stuff to the back house. I swear nobody lived in that house for more than 100 years. This lady had a bunch of old beds, tvs and freezers. So we start hauling stuff to the back. I have never seen so many spiders in my entire life. The most popular spider in our area here is the brown recluse spider which is like super dangerous too so that was just joy haha anyways we start moving these freezers that are just FULLLLLL of spiders. it was nuts. and gross but it was fun and super hot! 
On saturday we had a ward pizza night. The elders quorom organized the activity and each family was responsible for bringing two pizzas and Elder Araújo volunteered to bring two pizzas too so yeah thanks elder lol 
So the hardest thing to find in your average store here is cheese. Cheese in Brazil is so expensive and they only have mozzerella. So I walk up to the deli and ask for 600 grams of cheese expecting a block of cheese but it only comes in pre sliced for sandwich cheese so yeah nbd we get home and realize we dont have a cheese shredder but do have some 300 slices of mozzerella. Great. SO we just start going at it with knives and blenders and then finally found some sort of cheese grater. Shredding cheese thats already sliced is way hard. Dont try it. 

BUT the pizza night was a success! Had lots of investigators and less actives and had a great time! 
Love you all!


Pizza! (not the one we made) 

pomegranates (score)

our humble abode

The member thought it would be super funny to take a pic with this bed and pretend we are in prison lol

Diggin up a bunch of pieces of wood for idk what 

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