Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

     HEY so this week was transfers! Can't believe anther transfer has already passed by! SO this transfer I am staying here in Jardim do Sol with Elder R. Santos which is what I was really hoping because we have some awesome investigators with baptismal dates and I didn't wanna miss out on them! 

     This week was actually crazy filled with some pretty funny stories.
So on Tuesday we were eating lunch in our favorite restaurant here and all of the sudden this guy just sprints out of the restaurant screaming. We looked out the window (and what did I see!) I wish it was popcorn popping but it was these two guys robbing these boxes from  a big truck and throwing them in their car. The owner of the truck tried to stop them but the road was super packed and busy and the guys hopped in the car and drove away almost causing a huge accident. It was nuts and we felt way bad. After lunch we went out and passed by the truck to see what it was they robbed and it was a chocolate delivery truck... They robbed like 6 boxes of oreos and Hershey bars hahaha we thought that was way funny cause I don't know who would go to all that effort and risk to rob like 20 packages of oreos but I've come to see that you just see everything here so yeah just another day in the life!

     On Friday we were walking in the street and this guy starts running after us stumbling all over the place cause he was way drunk and he grabs Elder R. Santos, looks at him and screams "Just so you know, I AM A PROPHET and I have something to prophesy to you; The girl you love, doesn´t love you but loves your best friend" I was dying laughing and everybody in the street was laughing way hard too and Elder R. Santos was way confused. After a little while of him repeating this over and over we finally escaped and I continued to laugh all day.

     This week was way good. We started knocking doors in a new area that nobody has ever been and we are finding tons of new investigators which has been awesome! 
Life here is rocking! Super excited for this week especially cause my birthday is on Friday and the ward here is making cakes cause they all rock!

     Love you all! 
Pic: Elder Nascimentos birthday fest (cause his birthday was on Saturday

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