Tuesday, May 9, 2017

April 17th 2017

Yo yo yo!!!
     So this week was transfers! But like I thought and wanted, I am staying in Jardim do Sol but Elder Rodriguez got transferred so I am now with the new comp, Elder R. Santos. We were in the same district back in the days of Vila Aurora. He rocks and we are gonna kill it this transfer!

     This week was great.  Our investigator, is progressing super well and if all goes well will be baptized this Saturday! I am super stoked for him. He rocks, has a great testimony and is just killin it all around. 

     We have lots of other investigators progressing towards baptism. A couple weeks ago we got a reference from Salt Lake of this lady but the problem was that the road they gave us doesn't exist on our map and our area is huge so after like a week of walking and asking where this street is, we found her! She is super awesome. She's had a little bit of a rough life but all of it led her to wanting to be baptized so she did her online studies and decided that the most true church was the Mormon church so she asked us to pass by. She rocks and has a super strong baptismal date for may 13th so we are stoked about that.

     Another investigator is a girl who is the 15 year old daughter of our recent convert! She rocks and wants to be baptized but is a little bit worried because of some difficulties in her life so we are working with her and here in a little she will be baptized as well! 

     This area rocks and I am just loving the work!
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to lead and serve in this mission!
Love this place!

Pics The district

The new comp!

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