Monday, May 22, 2017

May 15, 2017

     HEY   So this week was great and mothers day rocked as well! So great to hear from the fam! 

     So this week was way jam packed with a lot of cool things so this email will be a little bit better! 
So on Tuesday we went to the temple with Rejane which was way cool. She liked it lots and we had a really spiritual experience minus the fact that the temple was closed this week for maintenance and nobody told us that so they didn't even let us get close but we still got to see it and all! 

     So there was a new branch added to our zone here that is way far away and actually is part Parana and part Santa Catarina so we went on splits with them this week which was quite the adventure because it was like a 5 hour bus ride adventure. We got to Mafra which is this way small town and when we got off the bus we were in the midle of nowhere, Elder R. Santos turns and looks at the bus driver and asked him "so are we in Mafra?" and the guy just started laughing way hard and I was like well it's a little too late to ask that now! But turns out we were in the right place. The town is way cool and we had a lot of great experiences! I was with Elder Zanini and we were walking around trying to find this less actives house for quite a while so I decided to just knock on this random door. We knock and this 27 year old guy walks out and was like sure I guess you can share message so we start teaching the restoration and all and he was pretty uninterested. In the end I invited him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and he looked at me and said "No" and I was like...." what"? and then he just started crying and said " this is what I have been waiting for my whole life. I know this is true I know you guys were sent from God." So yeah these are the miracles that we get  to see here!!

     After we hopped on the bus and headed home. Every time you try to get off the bus it's a struggle because there are always 20000 people waiting to get on. I stood up to get off the bus and my shirt caught on the chair and ripped my shirt pocket off and then slammed my head on the ceiling cause the busses are really short. Meanwhile everybody waiting to get on the bus was laughing at me
Bus: 1
Elder Reid: 0 
We found some avocado trees this week and the avocados here are huge!
Hope you all had an awesome week! happy mothers day! 

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