Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 2nd 2016

     Hi, everyone! Life is rich here in Brazil! This week has been a lot of the same old stuff though so this email won´t be that exciting.
     Highlight of the week was probably proselytising out in the streets last Saturday. They brought a big group of us and dropped us in the times square of São Paulo. It was pretty cool and definitely a humbling experience. The good news is I was actually able to communicate with people and understand most of what everyone was saying. Still shocked that we have learned the language so fast here! The teachers are incredible which makes it really fun and effective. My instructor is a big blink 182 fan which is super funny. Makes me miss home!
      I bought these super cool highlighters in the streets last week and who know something could make a person so happy! Everyone is super jealous of them and I am known as the highlighter kid to the new missionaries here.      It's crazy that we are already starting week 5 this Monday! I feel like I just got here but also feel like I have been here an eternity! The days are so slow but the weeks fly by which doesn´t make sense but it´s true. I have made a bunch of super good friends here so it has been hard to say goodbye every week to some really cool people. We are the veterans here now which is super crazy as well.
      In other news Neil A. Anderson is coming to the MTC here Wednesday and everyone is super stoked for it! It will definitely be an experience you remember for the rest of your life.
      We went to the temple this morning which was cool and super pretty. It is super small and in the middle of a super busy part of town but all of São Paulo is busy!
      That is really all the good stuff this week! We have a really packed schedule of classes so my emails should spice up a little more in about 2 weeks! You all rock! Fill me in on life in America 

 Eat some  real pizza for me! Cião!

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