Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 26th, 2016

     WOW so this week was crazy but it flew by! I am finally in Curitiba! I feel like I am in a different country than the MTC. Everything is so different. I haven´t seen an American in like 6 days lol. It is awesome though! So I will tell little stories and this email will probably be really scattered.
     Sorry. sooo we flew in from São Paulo on Tuesday and we had to wake up really early to get to the airport so I was pretty dead. The plane was so tiny and had literally no leg room BUT the flight attendent saw that I was like a foot taller than everyone on the plane and moved me to the exit row with tons of leg room and I just zonked out the whole flight. It was grand. Anyways we show up and president picks us up and we drive to the mission home where we sat around for a couple hours while each missionary did personal get to know you interviews with president. He is such an awesome guy and I am super excited to work with and get to know him over the next two years. He is a pretty knew president so I will have him for the whole mission. We ate an amazing lunch at presidents home. The food here is amazing. The only bummer is in Brazil lunch is like the main meal so every one pigs out at like noon and then naps till like 3 lol and we eat dinner when we get back at 9:30. Trying to find someone to talk to during lunch tho is impossible.
      Anyways, That night we did a little orientation thing and then got our new companions. My companion is Elder França and our area is called Novo Mundo. It is just outside the city and has everything from way nice houses to super poor areas. The houses here are really pretty though. The first couple days were definitely tough cause I live in  a house with 3 Brazillians (that are way cool) but I can´t ever speak english which is hard. After meeting the ward and such it feels a lot more like home now. The ward is super established and strong. It is really cool! I love the people! They are all super happy and excited to hear the gospel. 
     There are literally so many dogs here. They are just all over the streets and I have yet to find a house that doesn´t have at least 2 dogs. I can hardly speak/understand the language but throw in two barking dogs and it gets a whole lot harder.
      Our area is brand new. A ward split and this Sunday was the first meeting of the new ward so we are starting fresh with a lot of things which is perfect cause I am new. I was asked to give a little talk on sunday and it went well. People say they understand everything I say but I dont know if I believe it.

Ok so one highlight of the week was they have this store that is like a cereal warehouse. You have to understand first that cereal here is so expensive. A small box of like frosted flakes is like $7 but at this warehouse you can get a kilogram aka a giant bag of cereal for like $4 so that was way sick. I bought a bunch and that has been breakfast and dinner every day this week. Another thing, in the morning the other day we were reading scriptures and stuff and then randomly there was a huge crash and we walk outside and this car just plowed through a stop sign basically right in our front yard lol. Its only been a week but it has been awesome and I am super excited to keep learning and teaching! Hope all is well back in the states! Speak english and eat pizza for me! I´ll attach photos below of MTC and random stuff!

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