Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9th, 2016

     Tudo bem amigos?! Can´t believe it has already been another week here in Brazil. The time really is flying and next week I fly to Curitiba! I am way beyond excited to get out of the MTC. It has been fun and helped a ton obviously but, oh boy I am way excited to get out in the field and start meeting people.

     Alright so highlight of the week was definitely the visit from Neil L. Anderson! He gave a really good talk and definitely inspired people here like crazy. BUT the cooler part of this story is that my companion Elder Nydegger apparently is family friends with him so before the devotional he requested to take pictures and talk to him and his companions (aka me). There are a ton of missionaries here and obviously, everyone would want a picture with him so they don´t allow it cause it would take all day. So we were the only missionaries that got to talk to him and take a picture with him and it was way cool!

     Also this week was independence day here and the meals were wayyyyyy good. They had a huge ice cream bar (I know it doesn´t sound that exciting but when the only thing they have after dinner is jello, ice cream becomes a highlight of your week) It was way awesome! Parties all over in the streets right now because of independence day. Seems more like independence week.

      It is absolutely crazy that I only have one week left here! I am so excited and I feel pretty prepared to go. We get a ton of practice to speak and listen to full-speed Portuguese so I don´t think I will have too big of a surprise but it will definitely still be a huge adjustment! I am ready! All the friends I have made here are leaving and it feels super weird here in the MTC now being the oldest and not having the same people but there are still a ton of cool elders here that leave after us so all is well!

      We go proselytizing in São Paulo tomorrow morning for about 3 hours which will be fun and I can´t wait! This week is packed with tons of practice opportunities so I am sure it will just fly by! It will definitely be sad changing districts and companions cause we have grown super super tight and have built great friendships but we are all going to the same mission so I am sure some of us will cross paths again on the mish! Alright, that's really all I have for this week! You all rock! I love hearing from you! Cião! 

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