Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 10th, 2017

WOWEE this week was sooooo crazy I don't know where to start!

So..... This week was full of lots of different things and we didn't even really get to work in our area much but time is just flyinnnnn byyyy.

So last Monday we had an awesome Family home evening with a family of recent converts which was super killer and we played lots of games and ate lots of food so that always makes for an A+ day.

Tuesday we went on splits with the assistants which was super lit cause it was a day full of Elder Rafael which was fun cause he is headed home on Monday so it was one of the last times I'll talk to him for a while which was way sad but the Rafael-Reid Legacy isn't over yet!

Wednesday we had a zone leader meeting with President all day long which was way fun. Always super great to see President and all the gang

Thursday was our one day in our area and it rained alllll dayyyyy longgg which sucked soooooo bad but whatcha gonna do #amirite?

Friday we got on the bus way early and headed out to the smallest little town in our zone called Quitandinha to go on splits with two elders in our zone which was super awesome. I love getting to know people and elders more so I love going on splits. We found some awesome new investigators and marked some baptism dates and was alll around a killer day!

Saturday we got special permission to bring an investigator that was having a little trouble progressing to the temple and had a SUPER spiritual lesson. She said she received her answer there and told us she now knows for sure that the church is true which was super great. This Saturday we have some baptisms planned. One awesome guy  that we found a couple weeks ago. He is always playing soccer at the church and went to alll the sessions of conference which was super sick! 

I'm loving the life here! Transfers are this next week and I'm pretty sure I'll stick around here put I guess we will see!!!

Funny story of the week: The other day we were walking home at 9:30 and this guy starts screaming "I wanna Jesus Picture" and he was super drunk and we were hesitant to stop. The guy walks up to us and was like give me your daily advice and Elder Rodriguez just starts teaching the word of wisdom in the middle of the street and telling this guy to stop drinking and he was liking it and then in the end he got all ticked, pulled a witches hat out of his pocket, puts it on and walks away.

Pics: cake after a day of rain
a cross in the middle of nowhere

We found this awesome park after walking on this dirt road for two hours trying to find a reference 
dirt road

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