Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13th, 2017

     HEY Hope you all had an awesome week! I sure did! We got lots of sun and rain; your usual Curitiba mix! 
But wowee was this week super nuts and jam packed. So I'm here in the new area. It's huge, the members rock, and we got lots of investigators ready for baptism so that's basically the perfect trifecta. 

     So first things first, the other day we were in a lesson at like 7 pm and out of nowhere a bunch of people started to call us, but we were teaching so we were ignoring the calls until after the lesson. But it didn´t let up so we find out after that the gangs around here got a little angry I guess and started doing some not very Christ-like things. One thing led to another and basically anyone in the street after the sun went down wasn´t looking at a very happy ending so we ended up having to return home earlier than we wanted but it's all good. We avoided the danger there.

     Another crazy story, so yesterday we were walking and again out of nowhere this bus passes us screaming something about this American and Brazillian party that was gonna happen in this park in our area and we were like what. So we went to this families house and after the lesson as we were returning we passed in front of this park and there were a bunch of people playing volleyball and I was curious so I asked what was going on but turns out that they actually are Americans because the guy didn´t understand me! Hahaha so right when we got there it started to rain and they invited us in this little house they had with 50 or so American high schoolers. turns out it was some sort of sister school program and everyone thought I was Brazilian  because it's been a while since I've used my english so I was a little slow at first but in the end it was all good! 

     This area rocks! We have lots of work to do and I'm super excited to work with this ward! 
I have more pics but it's not working right now so I'll have to send them later!
Love you all! 

                                                               Pics: The new house
The new district (-2)

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