Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 20th, 2017


So this week was nuts and went by super fast. Once again I got super lucky and got to go to the temple. My new zone was one of the only zones that didn't go last transfer so I got here just in time to go again which was super awesome! That's why I'm emailing today 

We got a ton of awesome references but the other day we just got a text message from a random person of some address that wasn't on our map and we asked all around but nobody knew where this street was.  Out of nowhere this lady from Salt Lake called us asking why we didn't contact this lady yet so we just started walking asking everyone for this street. Nobody knew. Randomly we were walking to another appointment and found the street and house. It's this super awesome lady that is so excited we are teaching her and is already talking baptism! 

We also found an awesome less active ready to come back to church that was definitely Uchtdorfs 4th floor last door cause her house was in the middle of a bunch of crazy twists and turns!

This area is super awesome and we are finding great people left and right!!!

So now I have lots of pictures that should work to send. 
Last week this huge bus full of Americans was riding around town and later we found them and nobody believed me at first when I said I'm American but I took a pic with some of them so that was fun

There is this dog that follows us to alllll of our appointments and literally walks with us allll dayyy longggg he rocks!


more rain

banana trees



Bed LoL


Garbage Truck

Town Grey Sky

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