Friday, August 4, 2017

July 24th, 2017

     Hey all! 
     Another great week here in the new ward! 

     So this week we had a lot of progress with our investigators. 
Rosa is super excited for her baptism this Saturday and if all goes well this week she will be baptized! She tells everybody that talks to her that she is gonna be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ! She rocks and we are way excited for her. 

     We have a couple other investigators progressing towards baptism. We are teaching Rosa´s grandson who also wants to be baptized but we are waiting a little bit cause we want to help the whole family progress together.

     This week I went on splits with my filho Elder Araújo! it was  fun to catch up with him and we had a super great day of work together! But everything seems to fall through on splits, luckily our appointments didn't fall through but our lunch appointment did so we ended up making hamburgers at home hahaha 

     At night we were walking and this huge flock of birds passed by chirping and all and this guy that may or may not have been a little drunk walked up to us and said
guy: " wow did you guys understand what they said? "
Araújo:  "only caught a little bit, did you?"
guy: " they were sent to tell us that the three of us were brothers before this life"
(but we were with our ward mission leader so there were actually 4 of us)
araújo: " well there are four of us here so someones out of the loop and that's a little awkward"
guy: " maybe I understood wrong because they were speaking another language"......
...... it continued and the ward mission leader and I were dying laughing cause Elder Araújo is like the funniest person I know. 

We also had our zone conference this week which was a super success!

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