Friday, August 4, 2017

July 17, 2017

     Hey! This week was way good! 

     We are starting to get a pretty good teaching group here and are seeing miracles left and right! This week we picked up some new investigators. 
Rosa is awesome, shes our newest investigator, shes 73 years old and has a baptismal date for July 29th and shes pumped. This week we brought her to our ward party and she sat there smiling the whole time. When the bishop asked her if she was excited for church on Sunday she said "Bishop, I'm excited for my baptism on July 29th!" So we are pumped for her! She has a parrot and we found her because one day when we were passing by she was fighting with her parrot telling him to eat and her parrot was swearing at her so we took the opportunity to teach her about the restored gospel.

     Our next investigator is João. He is 12 and the rest of his family was baptized recently but him and his mom moved here recently so we are teaching them. 

     This week we have our zone conference and we are in charge so it's been a lot of work but it's a lot of fun! We are loving it up here in Ala V and time is flying by! 

     Also this week we were on a super packed bus and it broke down so we all had to unload into these glass tubes where the next bus was gonna pick us up. It was like 600 people in a 20 square foot tub but we took advantage of the opportunity to take some district pics.
     Hope you all have an awesome week! 

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