Monday, August 7, 2017

August 11th 2017

Hey all! 

     This week was another great week full of lots of miracles!
So this week we had our transfer meeting with all of the zone leaders which is always fun and interesting. Got to catch up a little with the crew.

    President has been talking a lot about faith and following the guidance of the spirit so we have been trying like crazy to apply all of that in our areas and let me tell you president is an inspired man cause we are seeing miracles left and right here!

     On Friday we were knocking doors and it was going pretty well but we stopped to head to our appointment. We were walking down the street when this guy passed us by on a bike and I was like we need to talk to him so I jumped in front of his bike and pretty sure I scared him but it's all good cause we planned to meet him and his family on Saturday morning. We stopped by and turns out he is from Haiti but married a Brazilian girl and they have 2 little kids. They are way awesome and went to church with us on Sunday! We stopped by their house Sunday morning at 8:30 and they were all out in the front all dressed up and ready to go!
When we got to church there was another guy waiting there saying he felt like he needed to go to this church. He's from Paraguay. He is working here in Brazil trying to bring his wife and 3 kids here to Brazil! He rocks and is way excited!

     I love this work and I love the book of Mormon! 
Follow President Monsons advice and read the book of Mormon every day!

This week is transfer week!

candids with prez lol 
the crew. 

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