Friday, August 4, 2017

August 1st, 2017

     So this week was another jammmed pack week of adventures and such!
Rosa´s baptism went way well! She was so happy and a 70 was visiting at her confirmation and she thought that was way special and it was so funny. She's a funny lady
Rosa went into hiding this whole week and we were worried her baptism was gonna fall through but she showed up again on Friday so we marked her interview and the baptism went well in the end. 

     We went to the temple today which is always way great. We had to get up a little earlier to catch the bus and all but it was a great day and I love the temple! 

     This week wasn't all that exciting.
We are doing a lot of walking and knocking doors trying to find the most efficient way to work here in the area but the transfer is almost over! We have our Zone Leader meeting this week and then next week is already the last week of the transfer!

     At the temple Elder Ah Puck (from Hawaii) snagged a pic and we weren't even posing or expecting it but it turned out to be a pic that looks way posed and patriotic so we got way stoked wooo go Brazil 

other temple pics 

love y'all​

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