Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 2nd, 2017

     HEY hope you are all killing your goals so far in this new year! This week was tough but we are just out here trying to give it our all! Everyone is travelling so contacting and teaching was definitely a lot harder this week because nobody is home.

      So new years eve here is absolutely nuts. I have never seen more fireworks in my entire life. Everywhere around here sells fireworks, not your dinky little fireworks, these bad boys are professional Boston fireworks deal and EVERYBODY has them. All day long they were going off one here and there, but I thought a war started here at midnight!  Literally everybody in town just in the streets, in our driveway, on the roofs lighting off these fireworks. Good luck trying to sleep through that. In 5 minutes the town was just filled with smoke and it was just bombs going off forever right above our heads, in front of our house, EVERY WHERE. It was definitely super sweet! But anyways yesterday was definitely the craziest day of the year!!!! (lol) but actually I think that will hold through for a good amount of time.

      If I had a dollar for the number of times that I knocked a door and was let in to the house without explaining who we are I would have two dollars. I know it's not a lot but weird that it happened twice right? So yeah I don't know what the deal was but yesterday we are just doing the usual, knocking doors, and we knock this one door and this family lets us in without us even introducing ourselves, we sit down and she says so who are you guys? Hahaha hey I´m not complaining cause it was an awesome lesson and we found two great families because the same thing happened in the next house we knocked. It was a tough week for our investigators because everyone was travelling  and partying it up but things should calm down a little bit.

      It´s definitely summer. Christmas and new years was a cool 105 degrees so that was super fun! The Christmas tradition here is to eat a lot this sweet bread called panettone and needless to say I am panettone-ed out! We ate a whole ton of food and life is just rocking like always here! Hope you all have a super good week! 


Elder J. Santos soakin up some sun! (jk rain)

What I imagine lehis vision must have looked like

Panettone for life

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