Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 9th, 2017

WOWEE if i had a word to describe this week it would be... WATER! Cause the rain really never stops here so lets take a recount of how many times it rained this week: every day... I don´t think I have ever seen a worse thunderstorm in my life than I witnessed last monday after we sent email. It was pooouuuurrrrinnnngg literally all day. The problem is our house is sealed in by concrete so the water just builds up until someone forgets to lock the door, the wind blows it open, and water just starts flooding into our house. But no worries, it's all dry now. I think we walked completely drenched this week more than we walked dry.

I had splits with Elder Graças this week. His area is outside of the city and super pretty.

So yeah now with the teaching. We are finding some awesome people and families that are loving all the restored gospel has to offer! One of our awesome investigatorsis progressing super super well. He was drinking about 2 liters of coffee every day when we first found him and smoking at least a pack a day. We told him about all the blessings that will come if he stops and he told us that he was never going to smoke or drink coffee again. We trusted but stopping isn´t super easy. Turns out what he says goes and after that conversation he is completely living the word of wisdom! But wait miracle alert: so he is a site developer but has been working with other things because his site business hadn´t had a single customer for over a year. ONE DAY after he stopped smoking and all, he has had clients calling all day long. Not a single client called in over a year and miraculously now he has appointments every day. The gospel is good! God is always waiting to bless us we just need to do our part! I love you all!!

Pics: The first 10 minutes of the rain

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