Sunday, January 22, 2017

January16th, 2017

Wooweee..... what a great week! SO yeah we really killed it this week just trying to get out there and talk with EVERYONE! So this week we had the new missionary meeting for Elder Araújo basically where we meet up again 4 weeks after arriving in the mission and talk about how everything is going so that was fun to see some missionaries that we don´t get to see very often..... ONE OF THEM BEING: ELDER RAFAEL!!  It was way good to see him. He is now working way in the interior of the mission and seeing those missionaries is pretty rare so that was a super great surprise! The meeting was way good and I definitely learned a lot about planning this week. I don't think I have ever planned a day in my entire life so that was definitely something new I had to learn in the mish! But after a while I was seeing that we were making the same goals every day until ONE DAY I was reading in Preach my Gospel that says we need to make goals according to the desires of our heart and not what we think is going to happen so Elder Araújo and I started cranking out some hefty goals and praying lots and we really saw this week that the Lord prepares the way when we put all of our effort and show our faith! 

This week was an awesome week for our investigator! He´s living the word of wisdom and loving it 
We are helping him with his wedding that's coming up soon and he is super excited for baptism! He loves going to church. We have sacrament meeting the last hour of church and we said the final prayer after the 3 hours and he looks at us and goes "its over already!?" And after was asking to go on a tour of the chapel and all! The guy rocks and I am loving working with him! 

This is the last week of the transfer so I we will see next email if I will finish training Elder Araújo here in Vila Aurora or if one of us will be transferred! Lovin life! 

Hope you all watch the packers and falcons game for me cause i know they'll kill it! 

I love you all! have a stellar week! 

Strict diet of spaghetti and orange juice

Elder Rafael feat. Elder J. Santos feat. my tie that Elder J. Santos stole (just kidding)

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