Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 26th, 2016

     Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a killer Christmas and ate a lot of Christmas food cause that's always the best!

      Just another killer week here in the big  B R A Z I L soo yeah Christmas here is just a little bit different and by a little bit I mean completely the opposite  sooo all of the celebration goes down on Christmas eve night until like 5 in the morning on Christmas eve. A whole ton of people shooting off fire works in the middle of the streets and lots of people that rent out huge speakers and trampolines and just kids and families partying all night long and then everyone just sleeps basically all day on Christmas.

      The work was definitely a little bit harder this week cause everyone is traveling and nobody wanted to let us in and it was blastingly hot all week. I can now say i have lived a Christmas over 100 degrees. This week we also had the Christmas conference with all the missionaries which was pretty lit. We played some basketball and ping pong at the mission home and then ate a super super big Christmas lunch that was spectacular. But wait there's more! President, as always, gave a killer conference about the work here in Curitiba and now we are all just super hyped to spread the good news of the gospel!!!

      Christmas day here was pretty normal minus it being super duper hot. Definitely will be a little sad to see all the Christmas festivities going away like the Santa that gets towed around in an old fishing boat throwing candy all around town or my bff Santa that sits outside his house singing and playing the accordion all day long. you know, the good stuff!

       The man, the myth, the legend

Our friend came back!

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas with fam and food and lots of thinking about Christ because he's the reason for the season! You all rock!!! 

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