Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 26th, 2017

Well first things first CONGRATS to my big sis who got married this week! u rock Fras!
So this week was way nuts but way good! 

We had Alex´s baptism which went way well and we are excited for him but our weekend was super crazy. 
So we had some baptismal interviews to do in Mafra which is a branch in our zone that's way far away. It's in another state; Santa Catarina which is always interesting. 
We had to get up way early on Friday to get the bus to the center of Curitiba where there is the big bus station of all of the special buses. We bought our bus pass to Mafra. It's about 4 hours of bus ride from our area to Mafra but we made it all in one piece except Elder R. Santos almost threw up but all is well now. 

Our little mission phone only calls people inside the state so we got there a little lost and tried to call the assistants but I accidentally called this guy who was a little mad cause his name was not Elder J. Santos. We eventually made our way to the missionaries house and headed right to the chapel for the interviews. 

After, because the bus ride is so long we decided to stay there and go on splits with the elders there. The area is way nice and huge. its a super pretty city. We had a great day but got home way hungry so we called for a pizza that we are still waiting on. that's sick. 
We then had to get up on Saturday at 4 am to get the bus back to Curitiba because we had a service project that our recent convert planned like a month ago and we had some other appointments as well so we got back at like 9 am and headed straight to the service project. We helped him put some solar panels on his house which was fun and quite interesting but all went well there. 

After we had 15 minutes to make it to our lunch appointment that was at least 30 minutes away so we made some cuts through the woods to see if it would be any faster and it was going all well until we made it to this little river. There wasn't any way to turn back so we tried to make this little bridge but in the end 
I ended up soaking my shoes but it's all part of the adventure right?
We ended up making it to lunch 2 minutes early so yeah it was totally worth it. we killed it. 

 This is the last week of the transfer so I guess we will see next Monday where I'll be or if I'll stay here in j
Jardim do sol! 

This week our ward has 8 baptisms, a big family that's super excited so we are very excited for them!!
Love you all!
The computer isn't letting me send pics but I'll try a little later

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