Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 19th, 2017

Hey all hope you all had a great week!                    Renewing the visas with the crew 

This week was pretty crazy and this next week is going to be even crazier!
So the week started off traveling cause we were visiting other districts to see how the zone is doing. We gave some training and had a good time. We had planned to go on splits with these missionaries that live pretty far away so we woke up way early to head out and when we got there they were both throwing up and super sick so we basically just turned around and headed back home super tired which kinda sucked. This week everybody got sick in the zone. We all got these flu shots and I think there was something a little fishy going on there because everybody got sick on the same day so one Wednesday Elder R. Santos and I stayed home basically all day with a fever 103 which was just awesome. To top it all off, our shower broke cause here they use these electric heaters to heat the water and sometimes the water shocks your head if you're lucky but it almost caught fire this week so we were without a shower for a little but we got it all back up and running quick.

We went on splits two times this week, on the second split on Thursday I was still dying but we already planned out the split so I went and maybe that wasn't the best idea but hey blessings. 

This week was also a first cause on Saturday night we left our last appointment and we were headed home on this road that's a little sketchy and we were like 2 minutes from our house when all of the sudden this guy on a bike rides in front of us, drops his bike and starts screaming at us to give him everything we have, he was really short and small but he had a knife and was pretty riled up so we were like we don't have anything of value just pass-along cards and a message that will change your life forever but he didn't really go for it so he snagged our old mission cell phone and then he asked me for my watch, but I said no and he ran away. We thought the situation was way funny cause he rode up on a bike that didn't have brakes and had to stop himself skidding in his flip flops. All is well and nobody was hurt. Happens to everyone here I just happened to go a year without anybody breaking my streak! 

This week we are headed to Santa Catarina again for some baptismal interviews and on Saturday we have Alexs baptism!!!
Also huge shout-out to my big sis Fras who is gonna get married this week!
Kill it sis! 


District pics

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