Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 10th,2017

     Hey all! 

     So this week was quite the adventure. We are slowly but surely getting our feet on the ground here in Ala 5.
The work here is a lot different than my area. We are in a pretty wealthy and industrial area so knocking doors is basically asking for a miracle but luckily the members here are the and are helping us out a ton. I think I got more referrals this week than my whole mission together 

     This week was a lot of walking and trying to get to know the area. Our area is pretty big.
We were walking with our investigator and this dog comes running up behind her and ripped her purse out of her hand and just booked it up the street and we were all dying laughing cause it was completely out of nowhere but other than that nothing too funny or exciting went on this week but I'm sure the weeks to come will have more stories!

     Also big ol shoutout to all the peeps at the Hill Cumorah Pageant! Everybody go watch it cause the Book of Mormon rocks, the people rock, and the salt potatoes are out of this world! 

love you all
pics: meeting with the crew

our bishop bought us pizza on the first day here. woo go bishop

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