Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 12th, 2017

SO This week was another super great week here! We are seeing miracles each and every day and we are just killin it here in Jardim do Sol.

On Tuesday we had splits with the assistants and it was basically the end of the world. We started the split and like 20 minutes after the biggest thunder storm I have ever seen started we were walking on this road in the middle of nowhere headed to our next appointment and we were just 200% drenched which was way awesome. Thunder and lightening was striking all around us and then all of our appointments were falling through. But in the end we learned a lot and had a good time and now Elder Fuzaro is sick but happens to the best of us!

Funny story of the week: So we were knocking doors and there was this one old guy working on his car and we were like hmm should we talk to him I feel like he is just gonna get mad but we decided to just go for it. He got up way quick and runs inside his house saying he ha something for us. So we are just there like what it is happening. He comes back with this Tupperware of these fried cinnamon things, give it to us and goes back to work on his car and we were all confused thinking he just gave us food to shut us up so after we asked if we could share a message and he said no so we asked if we could just say a prayer with him and he was all for it so we talked a little, his name is Dyto, and he just started ranting about how he thinks all churches are just in it for the money and we said a prayer, talked a little about prophets and left. He told us to come back the next day.  
On the next day he said he wants to be baptized and wants to go to church so on Sunday morning Dyto picked us up in his big ol Volkswagen van and we headed to church together preparing for his baptism on July 1st!
We also had a ward party this week cause fall is starting here so we ate lots of traditional foods and such,twas a hoot .
Yesterday there was a huge stake activity with the 70 presidency here about missionary work with all of the youth. It was way great and three youth opened their calls. I love this work and I wouldn't trade this time for anything! 
The gospel is true and families can be forever!

Pics: Half of the zone at the activity yesterdayDisplaying facebook live.jpg
All of the youth

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