Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 5th, 2017

Hey everyoneeee this week was way crazy! 

So to start off, last p-day right after we got off email we were headed to our favorite supermarket when all of the sudden this car was pushed off the road by a big swat truck. Then like 15 officers sprinted out of this truck with huge military guns and threw these 4 guys on the ground and started screaming at them. Elder R. Santos and I were passing by way confused and this is all happening in the middle of the only big road that exists so there were hundred of people there watching. 

On Tuesday we had to travel for some baptismal interviews which was pretty crazy cause we had to be back in our area quick for some appointments. 

On Wednesday was zone conference and we were in charge of everything so it was a lot of preparations but it went over well. We talked about planning and goal setting and took some pics, had some birthday celebrations and had lots of fun!!!

This week we found an awesome new family that is way prepared for the gospel and we are super excited to see how that goes! 

This next week is gonna be a little hectic as well because we have a couple splits planned and we are also gonna be on splits with the assistants which is always a good time! 

This week was also a little slow because of some huge soccer games this week and the entire country stops for these games so its pretty impossible to find anyone during these times!

This Saturday we are gonna have a ward activity that they have every June. Here in Parana there is a nut sort of thing called Pinhão that everybody eats during this time of year. It only grows here in Parana so we are eating tons of that! 

Just living it up! love you all 

birthday festivities 

pics: the best zone everDisplaying DSCN7087.JPG


Elder J Santos and e
Elder Reid part 3 ft Elder Fuzaro 
Displaying DSCN7091.JPG

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